August 28th, 2006


Maid Service

I know this has been done before, but the answers weren't in the memories and hey, maybe they've changed... but basically, I'm consdiering maid service. I'm a working mom, and my husband is a stay-at-home dad. Let me tell you, he makes a sucky "wife", my house is never clean, usually it's a bigger mess than when I left.

I'm looking for recommendations for a licensed and bonded housecleaner, someone who will have references, to lightly clean my house on the eastside every other week. (Or even weekly if the price is right.) If you have a recommendation for such a person, please post a reply with infomation such as their name/company, phone/website, if you used them/how you know of them.

On the flip side, if you know of someone I should stay away from, please let me know. :)


Seattle Bicycle Master Plan Public Meeting

Date: Tuesday August 29, 2006
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
Location: Gould Hall, UW Campus, 3949 15th Ave NE
Online Map

The primary objectives of this plan are to increase bicycle use and to improve bicycle safety. Components of the planning process include significant fieldwork to analyze opportunities to improve on-road bicycling conditions, evaluate policy, develop a wayfinding system, establish facility design guidelines, and create a maintenance and funding plan. Public involvement for this plan is crucial and includes ongoing participation by the Seattle Bicycle Plan Citizens' Advisory Board, an on-line questionnaire about bicycling, and periodic public workshops and meetings.

North Seattle: PT recommendations

(Yes, I'm doing other research, including google, and this south-end-useful 2004 memories entry which is unfortunately not useful for me.)

I need a physical therapist recommendation (or preferably several) along one of several North Seattle bus corridors.

Three weeks ago I was in a rather bad bicycle accident (head injury, no witnesses who have come forward, unnoticed unconscious in street for about an hour, bike trashed, bike helmet trashed but thankfully I was wearing a good one which is probably why I'm still alive, etc). After some initial very negative responses (nine days unconscious, entubing leading to aspiration, three weeks at Harbourview) I'm recovering reasonably well. I got to go home today, yays!

However, I have a strong doctor's recommendation for physical therapy, which is not being contested by my insurer. I am not cleared for driving at this point and am not likely to be so any time very soon, so I would prefer something served by any of these bus lines:

522, 372, 331, 312, 306, 308

All of those stop close to my home, hence the apparent strangeness of the list. (It's the West Kenmore bus corridor nexus.) Secondary options would be things that are a single transfer away from stops on the above lines. These basically serve the corridor between U Dub and Kenmore (372) along with the Kenmore-Aurora Village-Shoreline Community College (331) and downtown (522, 312, 306, 308) corridors, and also go the other way into Bothell and Woodinville. I'm looking for outpatient physical therapy recommendations. I do have health coverage (partial) and have burned through our deductible (ouch) so do not need free- or reduced-cost options only. I'm flexible on times but need to get started sooner rather than later if possible. I can get some rides if need be, but it's easier not to have to for obvious reasons.

Also, I pass cognition tests just fine - this is purely a physical therapy need, particularly centred around balance issues which have lingered so far since the accident. I can walk okay, though I'm still in that goddammit-I-biked-50-miles-a-week-how-does-fifty-feet-wear-me-out-now?! phase.

Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations with personal knowledge if at all possible. Thanks very much!
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