August 27th, 2006

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Broncos football on TV in Seattle?

Hey all,

My husband is a Broncos fanatic and needs football, but we're not paying $60 a month for that privilege. Being that's the case, is there a sports bar in town that I can send him to on Sundays to get his Broncos fix? Are there any Denver-friendly sports bars that might broadcast the game?? Any other suggestions?

Thanks everyone!
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Good poultry butcher?

Where's a good place to get raw chicken and the occasional turkey leg (not just the drumstick)? I'm hoping for a location in Pike Place Market, but if you can recommend somewhere better, do tell! :)

Scary stuff

I just got home from work down south, and around I-5 North exit 122, there was a car on the side of the road up in flames. It looked like a bon fire as I drove up upon it. It must have happened fast because there were flaming wheel tracks in the roughage beside the shoulder and no emergency vehicles were on scene yet. I really hope no one was inside.
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