August 26th, 2006

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Bitchin' Yard Sale tomorrow!

Vintage dresses and lingerie for $5 or less (many are much to big, a few too small and I just have too many sewing projects) too many to list but some of here are some of the highlights :
60s crochet catsuit (with bellbottoms!)with gold trim brand London Mob (sm)
New Asian white and red kimono-y robe (L/XL)
80s Flapper inspired dress with gold lace and pleats (L/XL)

other stuff:
Vintage deadstock nwt black kimono (XL) with floral fan print $15
Vintage red kimono-esque robe (M) with colorful dragon embroidery $10

Rad Vintage Military Jacket (Men's M) -$10

There will of course be purses, luggage, shoes, ties, books, movies, and all the things a yard sale makes.
This will take place from 9am (ish) to about 2pm.
On the corner of Summit and Olive by Clever Dunnes, The Redwood, and The Redline Cafe.
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BIG MULTI-PERSON YARD SALE -- off-loading ultra-cool stuff -- TODAY IN WEST SEATTLE!

Coach bag
dorm-size fridge
computer monitors & peripherals
lots of furniture
massive amounts of clothing size 2 to 24
LOTSA of eclectic cool housewares, kitchen stuff
books galore
lots of shoes (women's sz 8, 8.5, 9, 10 mostly)
exercise equipment

No kid's stuff, sorry.

ON NOW! Goes until it is all gone!

8656 12th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106
corner of 12th and Trenton in West Seattle
beer good


Does anybody know where there are pianos available for public use? Practice rooms? Your living room?

I know some people who want to rehearse for an upcoming performance but they wanted to practice in Seattle. And they need a piano. Any suggestions??

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M's vs. Red Sox Tickets 8-27-06

Hey all, I know it's short notice but I have two tickets to the Mariners vs. The Red Sox tomorrow and I'm not going now. They were actually an anniversary present for my now defunct relationship, so I would really like to get rid of them. The game is at one pm. I bought them for $130 total and would love to get my money back or best offer. They are in section 106, row 29, seats #9 and #10.

Please email me at if anyone is interested. Thanks.

Piano Movers

Can anyone recommend a good piano mover in the Seattle area? I live in north Seattle and I'd like to have my piano moved up here which is about 45 minutes to an hour away one way. I've searched google, yelp, and the memories and the only company I've been able to find with those things has been A1 & J & J Piano Movers in Greenwood. I called them for a quote and they're quoting me $500. My mother had the piano moved almost as far for around $200 but that company is no longer in service. I'm hoping to get feedback on places to use or avoid since moving a piano is something that needs to be handled by a very responsible company. I will fork out the $500 if necessary in the end but I just thought that quote seemed a little high so I want to explore all options.

Thanks in advance.
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Charlize Theron to “Battle in Seattle”

Charlize Theron is attached to star in “Battle in Seattle”, reports Production Weekly. Theron's boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, wrote the film and will be making his directorial debut.

Set in 1999, during the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, an eclectic group of demonstrators, including environmental activists, doctors, anarchists, attorneys, eco-terrorists and just plain folks, brings the city to a state of near-chaos, and chases the WTO straight out of town.