August 24th, 2006

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Please pardon me if I didn't look through the User info well enough, but I've got a few questions for you Seattle folk. Possibly next summer the wife and I will be traveling to your fair city and I'd like to know which is the best neighborhood(s) to stay in, can we find a good time and/or food for not a whole lot of money and whatever other bits of info you can provide.

Again, sorry if I didn't check the user info or that the entire entry is relatively incomprehinsible. It's 3am NY time and I should be asleep.

Thanks in advance for any help you folks can provide.

Fingers Aflame

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Hello Seattleites,

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization I work for is hosting a fundraising event in October and we're looking for a local winery who might be interested in donating some vino for us to serve at our dinner theatre cabaret and costume shindig.

Suggestions would be much appreciated, especially if you know for certain that they make donations to nonprofit organizations.

Also, same question re: local coffee companies. After all, lots of people enjoy a nice cup of coffee after their gourmet 4-course dinner and dessert, right? I'm trying to stick with smaller locally-run businesses but will go to one of the big evils if necessary.

Thanks for your help!
Johnny John John!

Podium Rental


My office is trying to find a place to rent a podium for a press event.

We are thinking of calling party supply stores (maybe?) and sound and lighting companies, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions of great people/places to deal with.


*edit - google is your friend. We've found many that run $100 or more a day, so apparently we are good to go. But if you know anything cheaper, it's ALWAYS appreciated!*

Seafood Restaurants

I browsed the memories, and did not see a section on seafood restaurants. I am taking a vegetarian friend of mine out this Saturday, to re-introduce him to seafood. He said his favorite seafood dish (back when he ate fish) used to be swordfish. Can you folks help me pick a nice restaurant for him? This is going to be a special night. I've thought of Anthony's as the obvious choice, but I figure there has got to be some great seafood restaurants that are less well known... or even more well known!
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Hot Witch

Crunchy Ice

I'm pregnant, and I have a craving for soda with 'crunchy ice'. You know, the kind that makes the drink into a nice chunky slushy? Usually found at frostie type joints? I'm sorry that I cannot articulate a better description of the ice.

Anyone know any places that serve soda with crunchy ice? Eastside would be a plus.