August 23rd, 2006

Cheap Tanning

So I got this great great deal on tanning (my friend worked there, and they had to coerce me and lower it even more) but I decided it wasn't for me, for many many reasons (don't even know how they managed to get me to buy 'em...)

Anyone want my tans?
They're letting me transfer them to another account.

Desert Sun on 35th, great&clean salon
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day trip

hey hey.
i'm taking the train to seattle from portland next month for a one-night slum-trip to see woven hand. i've only been to seattle once before and i have a couple questions.

1. is neumo's ok with backpacks and cameras? since i'm not staying anywhere, i won't have anywhere to dump my stuff if they don't let me bring it in.
2. is neumo's within walking distance of the train station? i'm used to walking, so more then 30 minutes is not a problem.
3. are there any 24 hour cafes right near the venue or the train station that won't be assholes about me camping out untill morning?

probably not things i need to worry much about, but i may be going alone and i need things to go well because it's WOVEN HAND. aka, my favorite band in the universe. i don't exactly want to be all spent for the next day because i gotta get right back on the train and see him again in portland.

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My brother has recently acquired a condo in Issaquah, and is looking for a reliable and affordable cleaning service. He's tried Molly Maid, and while he was pleased with the results, they're a mite pricier than he was interested in. So I figured I'd check and see if anyone has any recommendations for another cleaning service, whether a large office or an individual freelancer. Thanks!

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      This Sunday, 9:00 p.m. at the Mercury night club
      will be the first public showing of my artwork.

      I will be the featured artist for a full month
      with various paintings and prints up for sale.

      If you're willing to toss down $3.00 for a cover charge,
      please come and check out my work, have a drink and some fun!


      1009 E. Union Street
      Seattle, WA 98122

      Smoking is allowed inside as it is a private club.

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Need your opinion - Car Dealerships...

Think I want to get a Toyota Yaris.

The nearest Toyota Dealerships to Bellevue appear to be and

Does anyone have good/bad/indifferent experiences with either of these places?

How about experience with the Costco Car buying program, of which both of these dealerships claim to be members?

Thank you for your information/experience,

Political signs - removal

didn't we have this conversation a year ago about removing political signs?

So, in the city, signs can't be placed in a street right of way, such as on medians, traffic circles and bridge approaches that abut public property, or in the street itself.

Signs can be placed in a planting strip, with the permission of the nearest property owner, who can remove it at his or her free will.

Report questionable signs: 206-684-7623

Dunno what to tell you county folk.

Dear seattle,

I need a good option for fast-ish but quality breakfast in the swath that runs from capitol hill to downtown to queen anne.
(I would like to stop in and eat on my way to work in a "I have to wake up a half hour early but it's totally worth it" indulgence)
Ideally something along the lines of IHOP but not gross, and local.

my first thought was Minnie's but they rate high on the "too damn slow" meter.
second thought is The Hurricane or whatever the hell it is called anymore, but... I did use "quality" in my description of the breakfast.
The third idea I had was 13 coins, and that will probably be where I end up if there is no other option.

If the place has the best waffles ever, that is a bonus.