August 22nd, 2006


India Express on Broadway

has been taken over by new management. Tibeten, by the looks of things; there are Tibetan windsocks hung here and there, and a giant picture of Everest covering the mural with the monkeys on the wall. And they've jacked with the contents of the buffet, judging from Saturday's sampling -- the butter chicken is as good as ever, but the pakoras (pakorae?) are thicker and less crisp, even doughy at the center -- the rice is straight basmati rice, barely seasoned -- and, the worst, no tandoori chicken!
Since my only rationale for going to the Indian buffet was to tank up on pakoras (pakorae?) and tandoori chicken, I'm wildly disappointed. Next weekend we're planning to check out the Maharajah to see if their buffet is an adequate replacement.

Angry White Men should not Drive!

As I was running late,

I decided to drive in to work today.

Traffic was an absolutely bear, but I made progress.
I was driving on 167 (the Beirut of Washington roads) in the left lane going at a good clip when I saw a sign that stated reduce speed to 45. Meanwhile using my rear view mirror, I notice that there is a purple minivan right up my ass. First, I can't stand tailgaters. I am not going to go out of my way to cause an accident, but

a) I am not going to allow you to intimidate me off the road
b) I am not going to get a traffic ticket because you are in a hurry.

I slow down to the legally required 45 mph. I put on my right blinker so that I can get over two lanes to take the exit to get onto 405, the guy in the minivan gets in the middle lane and speeds up to cut me off. WTH! I slow down to get over, he slows down. I go to speed past him, he speeds up. I lay on the horn. Idiot decides to stop his vehicle at the mouth of the off-ramp to get onto 405. Meanwhile there is traffic whizzing by at top speed on the main road and a big ass 16 wheeler trying to get off the ramp too.

I lay on the horn again. Idiot stays there. I go to pass him on the right, he starts his minivan up again. I lay on the horn again. He doesn't move. I try to pass on the left, he blocks me. He then decides to drive onto the ramp going 5 mph. Whatever. Fine. Just drive.

He swerves left to right so that I don't try to pass him. Meanwhile, I am just trying to shed myself of this moron, so as he swerves left I try to pass on the right. He cuts me off and slams his brakes. I slam my brakes and almost plow into him. Great, now he wants me to to collide into his minivan to make it look like I'm the aggressor!

"What is your fucking problem?" I mime to boy genius who is blabbing on the phone the whole time that he is doing this. Eventually, he gives up and drives off.

I'm thinking to myself. Was that worth it? You almost caused several fatality accidents, severe traffic back ups, etc and FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT? Because you can't follow traffic regulations or driver's etiquette?

Dear Asshole,

1) get a clue
2) get off the fucking phone! Being an asshole driver while chattering on the phone does not make you THE MAN.
3) you are driving a minivan. you are driving a minivan. you are driving a minivan. This is not the Autobahn and your vehicle is not a marvel of German engineering.
4) take the bus, train, bicycle to work.

You do not belong on the road!

Be responsible, Angry White Man. Give your keys to a friend (if you have any), find Jesus, take up dance lessons. The moral is: Don't be a dick.

This has been a public service announcement.

Laser Cutting? VersaLaser?

Does anyone have a VersaLaser (described in CoolTools), or know of some private shop or small service that has one.

I just want to cut a couple of stencils.

Searches on laser cutting services around Seattle keep finding big shops that are set up to do big pieces, and want to do runs of a couple of dozen minimum, with "super rush" being 3 days.

I just want to walk into a small shop or someone's workshop with a vector file in hand, pay twenty bucks or so, and walk out with a couple of pieces of lasercut stensil.

tailor recommendation

Not a request for help, just a bit of a rave. I remember seeing numerous posts recently asking about tailoring and hemming services. I recently had 3 pairs of pants hemmed at Adam Tailoring on 3rd and Jackson (Pioneer Square area). It was $7 per pair, and the guy was able to actually re-create the unusual cuff style on one pair, not just hack it off. Not the fastest turnaround ever (1 week) but quite good work.