August 21st, 2006

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Recommendations for Personal Injury Lawyers

I just looked through the memories and didn't see anything recent so I thought I would post and see if anyone out there has any recommendations on personal injury lawyers specializing in motor vehicle accidents who work on a contingency fee. I was just in a 5 car accident this past Friday and am not sure yet whether or not yet to go the PIL route but I'd like to keep my options open and maybe at least schedule an initial consultation. Has anyone had a good experience with a lawyer they have worked with and would highly recommend to someone else? Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions.
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Weird Siren in Edmonds

This is a long shot, but I am in Edmonds, just across the street from Shoreline on 205th and there is this obnoxious siren that will not stop going and I don't know why or where its coming from.  Is there a site to view the incidents for SnoCo like there is for Seattle?  Help?
  • shaebot

Gym on Cap Hill

I need suggestions for a good gym on Capitol Hill. I want something relaxing, clean, and not very Gold's-esque. Here are some of the qualifications I'm looking for.

- A wide variety of equipment. Lots of cardio machines as well as a good assortment of strength training equipment.
- Quiet and low-key. I don't want to be running in a window with a bunch of hard-bodies while the traffic merging on I-5 scans me for cellulite.
- In the Capitol Hill / Central District area. The closer it is to 23rd and Madison, the better.
- If the place also offered yoga or aerobic type classes, that'd be nice.
- Steam room / sauna.
- Not crowded all the time.
- Open late would be nice.

Anyone have any personal recommendations?
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Got Music?

Hey Seattle! Here's your chance to sing with the fantastic and (mostly) a cappella women's ensemble, Ancora !

Auditions involve sight-reading and the performance of an a cappella piece of your choice. Preferred characteristics include a focused tone with minimal vibrato and the flexibility for volume without compromising blend.

Auditions will be held on August 31st from 7- 9:30pm on Capitol Hill in Seattle. To schedule an audition time, please contact Tess Orozco, Associate Artistic Director at 206.724.4981 for more info.