August 20th, 2006


Custom Sports Jerseys in Seattle

I am  ooking for a shop that does custom NBA Jerseys in the Seattle Area. The Sonics store will customize Sonics shirts but not other team's jerseys. I could order one online but want to avoid a long wait. I have checked Google and Memories. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  • mpurple

salad in seattle

so i've been craving a good salad lately, not a side salad, mind you, but a salad that's like a meal in itself.

the closest i found so far was El Camino's Ensalado de Polo, but it doesn't have to be mexican, it just needs to be a good yummy nutritious salad.

alright, neighbors, spill the beans!

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    where is that salad
  • drindod

Need a Cider Press... Stat!

The recent dry, hot spell worked its magic on a huge, gigantic apple tree in our yard and we're up to our necks in apples. About 20 bushels full.

A friend lent us an antique one, but it's too unstable to really take the pressure. So, we need to either borrow or rent one soon—or at least get a crusher. I've heard that you can rent them, but I'm not having any luck finding out where. Any leads?

Thanks for any help.


Looking for a place to live in in the sweet candylike Seattle suburbs?? Look no more!! --

My housemate Matthew is moving out on SEPT 10th, so I'm looking for someone to move in SEPT 11th (your first month will be pro-rated, of course). NO DEPOSIT! I live in a three bedroom house (my brother Aaron also lives here) in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland. Your rent would be $415/month, and your bedroom fairly large. Utilities are a little less than $100/month for each person, but this includes cable internet/tv. We have a backyard equipped with a badminton set.. I know you love badminton. ummm. Oh, washer & dryer in our garage. Creepy and strange people very welcome (as long as you don't want to have sex with me). Call me for more information or to come over and see for yourself how much you will love your life if you come live here with me... or something.

sarah// 425. 749. 2555

Kittens for adoption in the Seattle Area

I foster kittens for the King County Animal shelter. I am about to put my foster kittens on and I thought I would give LJ one more try. I have four kittens ready to adopt - two torties and two black and white kittens. They are 12 weeks old and are absolutely friendly. I have pictures and descriptions in this post in my own livejournal. Please look and/or forward this message on.