August 18th, 2006


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From the Puget Sound Business Journal:

Sales at bars and taverns fell more than 3 percent since the state's smoking ban went into effect, Washington revenue officials said.

In the first three months of 2006, bar and tavern gross business income fell to $122 million. That compares to a 4.3 percent increase that bars and taverns reported for the same period in 2005. The smoking ban took effect on Dec. 8, 2005, after voters approved Initiative 901 in November.

At sit-down restaurants, sales increased by 8.1 percent to $1 billion in the first quarter. In the first quarter of 2005, sales increased by 8 percent.

State officials said in a statement that it was "too early to draw conclusions about the economic impact of the smoking ban, and data for additional quarters needs to be gathered to assess the longer-term trend."

Well I could have told you that was coming. No one goes to restaurants to smoke so the fact that it remained the same isn't surprising. In fact, I can't think of too many places off the top of my head that had smoking before the ban went into effect, besides Beth's.

Hmm, I wonder if I can start an initiative to overturn it?
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Tell your NW celebrity story.

My no-brain filter friend Kendrick and I are standing in line at The Metro and about 10 people down is Dale Chihuly.

I look over my shoulder people watching, and point Chihuly out to Kendrick. He asks who he is, and I explain. Then, I tell Ken that some people in the arts community think Chihuly is a bit off because he doesn't do his own work anymore due to his accident. Instead he gives his specifications to his students, and they mass-produce the artwork but get no credit, he signs off on the pieces and rakes in the dough. I've also been told that Chihuly threatens legal actions against former student/apprentices that try to use similar techniques.

Well this irritates the hell out of Ken who is a graphic artist of a sort, and is broke. With absolute abandon he says (quite loudly), "If he's such a great glass artist, why doesn't he make his own glass eye? I'd have a eye for each day of the fuckin' week!"

I'm aghast-amused, and about half of the people around us are loling, while the other half is just horrified. Chihuly is beet red in anger, and looks about ready to take heads off bodies, but ends up staying where he is.

Ken goes off on a quieter mini rant to crack me up, "If I had one eye, I'd still be useful to the community. I'd put in a compass or a digital clock up in there so people always knew where they were or what time it was."

Also at The Metro I saw Ross Schaefer and John Keister (they are some tall mutherfuckers) pretend like they didn't know each other was going to be there. It was kinda gross, they were talkin' all loud and it looked like they were trying to see who recognized them.

Oh also, Bill Nye is a dick but Sir Mix-a-Lot is cool.

DIY tool hire?

Hi all, is there a place in wider Seattle where I can hire DIY tools?
I want to hire a sander for a day to sand our deck before restaining it. Talked with Home Depot, as I saw a big sign "Tool Hire" in their shop. But they only have a very limited selection. Google did not come up with anything useable.
I'm living on the Eastside, but I am happy to drive up to an hour, if I only get that tool somehow.
Thanks for your suggestions.

More Free Stuff

There is a queen-sized mattress, large wood(-ish) entertainment center and an end table sitting at the curb of 5th Ave W just south of Mercer. I thought someone was moving it when I saw it yesterday but it's still there so if you want it you should go get it.
Leary love

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Where in Seattle can I buy an eyepatch? Ideally not a toy eyepatch either, since I'll be wearing it for a while and want it to be semi-comfortable.

I've checked google, but really it's personal eyepatch retailer recommendations that I seek ;)

help on Capitol Hill

My boyfriend's house was just broken into. The guy who did it left about 45 minutes ago on foot carrying a large blue Adidas bag, headed north toward Madison on 18th. If anyone saw this jackass walk past, we would love to hear where he might have headed. We're not planning to harass anyone, but if it's not to late, we'd sure appreciate the opportunity to drive by and see if there are any suspicious looking gaming consoloes poking out of his bag. Thanks, please remove if inappropriate.

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Okay, a bunch of cars are driving up Mercer (to the I-5 on-ramp at Fairview) screaming and honking their horns. Like, excited/happy screaming and honking, not the usual angry traffic stuff. And this has been going on for like 10 minutes. Any ideas? I checked the local news, but all the top stories are horrific car crashes.