August 17th, 2006

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Missing Atticus!

My boyfriend was hit by a car yesterday on Rainier S (near the old Chubby & Tubby) while walking our dog. The boyfriend is okay, he had some stitches put into his left eyebrow and is bruised up pretty good, but he'll be fine. The woman had insurance too, so everything is taken care of there.

However, our dog got freaked out and sprinted down the middle of the street. Our roomate went out looking for him immediately and I spent about 3 hours looking for him myself, until it got dark. If you live near or frequent that area, PLEASE look out for my dog and contact me if you see anything. He's 11 months old today, brindle & white boxer/pit bull, he's neutered and VERY friendly. He had his black leather collar (with a name tag and my phone number), his prong training collar and a black nylon leash. He's also microchipped, so I'm hoping if anyone has him and his collar came off somehow (though that's pretty unlikely) that I'll get a call today.

I also put up a Craigslist ad and I wanted to post here to put out all my feelers to get our boy back. He's our family and I'd be devestated if anything happened to him. He's really just the sweetest thing.

Thank you!
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tents on a sidewalk

They’ve been out there since Wednesday at 1pm. Not as long as for the “Star Wars” prequels, but still...
Click image for full version. The film opens tonight at 10pm at the best movie theater in the world.
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You talking to me!!!

Movie Suggestions

Ok My Blockbuster Q is down to 10 movies.. any suggestion for Seattle themed movies.. doesn't matter if they are older or newer.. Just want Seattle to be somewhat featured in the movie.

(Edit).. Thank you for all the suggestions.. my "Q" is full now.
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Per Seattlest

To celebrate the 99th birthday of Pike Place Market... [drum roll please].............. Soul Asylum is playing a free concert at noon today, outside on the cobblestones!

(no subject)

I need to do some character research for a play, and am wondering if there are any restaurants in Seattle (particularly in the U-District or downtown) that have private booths or rooms. I googled, and the only thing that came up was 13 Coins, as well as a lot of iffy reviews.

These private booths/rooms should be meant for two(ish) people, but I would prefer for it not to be in a really sketchy area or restaurant.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Opthamologist recommendations? This pirate patch clashes with my shoes.

I have a corneal ulcer I'd like to get taken care of before my eye falls out of my head.

I will not have insurance for another two weeks, but that will be far too late, because I will need a corneal transplant by then and dead people flesh does not belong on my eyeball, thx.

I've Googled and checked the memories and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an office that will take cash OTHER THAN Northwest Eye Surgeons, 20/20 or Seattle Eye MD's?

Please and thank you very much!


Come see Futuristic Sex Robotz, the Gangster Nerd Rap pioneers who brought LiveJournal the hilarious "Welcome to the Internet," live at The Shark Club in Kirkland, WA at 7PM on Sunday, August 27th! FREE! (21+ Only)

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All of seattle should come! Did you know, Coaxke from Futuristic Sex Robotz hacked evan's LJ Poll that resulted in rfjason being banned from seattle? Speaking of which... somebody invite rfjason.

McMenamins Edgefield?

We just booked a night at the McMenamins Edgefield hotel in Oregon. Does anyone have experience with them? The boy just told me we have to share a bathroom. The rooms look cool but apparently are pretty minimal. Just wondering what the experience there has been.

I looked on Yelp. Only one review, but it was a pretty good one. :)
Geek Potter

Lady Washington

For all you Pirate people, the ship that was used in the Pirates of the Carribean is docked in South Lake Union and open for tours, I think they said 10-1pm today and here until Sunday.

They also apparently do sailing tours. I didn't get all the info, but it was on Fox 13 morning news, so their site probably has more info.

Fun for the kiddies! (and some adults I know too)

auditions for RSC version of Wizard of OZ

this production will be workshopped, this director has won awards for this show in NYC, so come on down. this is NOT the MGM version--this is based on the novel by L. Frank Baum.

we still need: Tin Man understudy, Scarecrow, possible Cowardly Lion (may be cast but you can convince him if you really want to, I bet)

Three Men for ensemble/ Three Women. (these ensemble roles are awesome by the way...lots of stuff to do!)

the workshop performances will be starting Oct. 1st, a full production to be mounted for Christmas, and possible tour being looked at.

for more details email Michael Gershowitz at

or phone: 206-734-5564

he'll work with you out of the script and ask you to sing 16 bars of a musical theatre song.