August 16th, 2006


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i recently moved to des moines about a week ago ive been looking all week for jobs. i would be working 2 good jobs right now if i werent 17. ive been working reception for over 2 years, but all the jobs i seem to be qualified for you have to be 18 or have to commute the 1 1/2hr bus ride to northern seattle. so my main question is where do teenagers around here work? and does it seem that i am stuck getting a crappy fast food or grocery store job till im 18? and does anyone know why i could get plenty of jobs being 17 in the DC area and hardly any here?
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annoying tourist questions

Hello Seattle, this Portlander is coming for a visit in mid-September, and I need some geography help.

I'm taking the train up, and won't be renting a car. I have a friend in the U-district. I have no idea where that is in relation to the train station. How do I do it by bus? Also, are there hotels in the U-district? Or should I stay someplace else? Is it close to downtown? anything else I should know?

And if you have any must-do Seattle things that'd be welcomed as well.

Thanks a bunch.
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gunman near Qwest Field?

In addition to the bomb scare, the SPD seems to have cordoned off the area around 1st and King, centering around a series of condominiums on that block. The eastbound lanes are blocked off with police tape, as well as the corresponding areas of Occidental Ave, and there's a ton of police cars and several armored SWAT vehicles on 1st. A bystander says there's a gunman in the condo building, and news media is around filming and interviewing people, but nobody seems to have actually put a story up on the internets yet. Anyone know what this is about?

All I know is it's a very exciting day to work on the south end of Pioneer Square...

Injured Siamese on 12th and Jefferson...

So my friends and I ran across an injured Siamese cat about 20 feet north of Jefferson on 12th at about 11:10pm tonight. My roomates are allergic to cats and they have a cat who isn't friendly to new kitties, so we couldn't take it home. It's back legs are pretty much 100% out of commission. We called 911 but given their track record, are doubtful they will pick up the cat. I'm just hoping someone in the area has the ability to car for this animal until the humane society opens in the morning...

Thanks, and let me know if you happen to pick up the cat.
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