August 14th, 2006


laminated brochure printer

I'm looking for a Seattle area printing company that can make laminated color brochures--something similar to an airline safety card or a map or one of those colorful "Spanish Verb Conjugation" or "Microsoft Office Reference" cards.

Alas, Google and the memories are no help -- I've found plenty of print shops that can do color printing and folding, but none of them mention online whether they can laminate. And I've already looked into Kinko's--they're ridiculously expensive, so they're not any good to me.

downtown tailor?

I'm looking for an experienced, ideally inexpensive tailor downtown. I need pants taken in, that sort of thing (not just hemming), so experience & recommendations are a must. (I checked memories for this - nada.)

(no subject)

Is anyone else an avid stargazer? I have a great telescope but I'm not sure where I should go. The Snohomish area seems too close to Seattle. How are things east of the Cascades?

EDIT: I'm open to spots where I could camp, but I'd like to keep it under a 3 hour drive from Bellevue.
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if you are looking for a place to get your pet spayed or neutered, i highly recommend the Seattle Spay and Neuter Clinic. my dog, a small pug, was just spayed there today.

the staff was friendly and patiently answered all of my questions, and the receptionist didn't seem to get annoyed with my 8-million phone calls (yep, i'm one of those overprotective, worrywart doggie parents). the facility was very clean, and the prices were more than reasonable (for a spay, microchip, after-care pain medication, and a 2-year license, my total came to $140). you can also choose to get your dog vaccinated at the time of surgery.

when it came time to drop off my dog, i didn't have to wait around- a good thing, since i had to take time off work and i just started a new job. pick-up time was quick, too. after my dog's surgery, one of the staff nurses took me thru the after-care procedures and explained exactly what happened during my mutt's procedure. i also received print-outs of instructions and what to watch out for in case of infection.

the only problem i did have was scheduling a surgery date- i had to book my appointment a month in advance. but really, not that big of a deal.

all in all, my experience with the Spay and Neuter Clinic gets a big two thumbs up.