August 13th, 2006

Kitty Snake

break in

For the second time in about two weeks or so someone has tried breaking into my apartment. 

African American male and white male both in their early twenties.  Black male wearing dark grey hooded sweatshirt, and light grey shorts.  White male in jeans, light blue shirt and white sweatshirt, unzipped.

I ran out with my cat and called the cops. They were less than helpful.

Edit: Now I am getting menacing phone calls on my mobile.


there's a box of sidewalk chalk sitting out on Broadway by Bank of America, and lots of drawing being done by passerby. as of about an hour ago, the content was all rather sweet and whimsical. i hope someone gets to take some pictures before it disappears.

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I've been searching all of the housing links mentioned in the memories of this community, but haven't been able to find anything worthwhile. So, I figured I'd just try and put this out there.
I'm a 22 year old college graduate. I'm vegan, queer, considerate, fun and responsible. I'm hoping to find some folks with a room open in their house or a cheap one bedroom appartment (in Cap Hill, Greenlake, Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford, or the U District). I can spend up to $600/month, maybe a little bit more. Also, I'm looking for a September 1st move in date. Or possibly September 1st-10th.
The problem? I come with a dog and cat. I'm having an impossible time finding housing friendly to my lab mix. Any suggestions I may not have already tried? (Yes, I've tried the links listed in this community with reference to housing.) Anyone want to live with me?

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$1000 obo
I am selling a Nikon D70
18-70 kit lens
50mm 1.8.
1 gig card
35mb card
Velocity 9 camera bag
ultrapod II
hurricane blower/ lens cleaner/ etc;
all extras that came with camera

My undergrad is in media studies documentary film and so I am using video more often than this. I really have only used it for one animation project. If you are in seattle get in touch and we can figure out a reasonable price.


Does anyone here know how much the membership dues are at the Seattle Athletic Club? Does it vary from location to location? I'm specifically interested in joining the northgate one and curious as to the costs (both monthly & startup). Their website doesn't say anything about it and I'm assuming that's because they want you to come in for your "complimentary visit" so they can reel you in.

If anyone has suggestions to other fitness clubs in the northgate area that'd be welcome too. I know there's a 24 hr fitness "express" up there but it isn't 24 hrs and it has fairly limited services it seems like. I don't want anywhere outside the northgate area because I think the closer it is the more likely I will be to go.

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I've never been to Anthony's, but I have a gift certificate I want to use when my company comes to visit next weekend. Which location would you say is the best?

Thanks very much!
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Nugtron 50/50

I'm in need of about 400 pre-cooked chicken nuggets, and I am just surveying my options. I've been told that CostCo andd Cash & Carry may have chicken nuggets in bulk, but I haven't confirmed that. I'm wondering if there is a meat shop somewhere in Seattle where I could buy these things in mass quantity? Last year I just went to McDonalds and bought a ton of 20-piece meals, but I'm thinking there has to be a better way to do this. Thank you kindly.
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