August 11th, 2006

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where can i find AG (adriano goldschmied) jeans in a 25 in seattle? sway and cake has the ones i want but only in a 26+ (who only carries 3 sizes anyway?) i was positive nordstroms would have some but they only have mens on the website. thanks a ton :)

Love to sing? Join SLGC!

The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Chorus is now seeking new members for its upcoming concerts. We've got a lot of great music in store this year, everything from Vivaldi's "Gloria" this winter to folk and protest music next spring. You don't have to be a pro; you just have to love to sing! We welcome musicians of all skill levels for all sections (SSAATTBB) and we want you!

Our auditions are fun and low-stress, and will be held on Tuesday evening, August 29. Call to set up an audition with Seattle's popular GLBT mixed-voice group: (206) 860-SLGC. For more info about SLGC, go to
Ionic Bond

Update On Diamond

Just to let everyone know, I called Diamond Parking this morning, explained to them the notice and it was indeed for the lots for the M's game. She asked how much I paid, and if I got a ticket in return (told her 10 bucks, and chances yes I did get a ticket almost always do) and she went "okay, I voided that for you". That was it!

She was very nice and polite and no need for me to get nasty at all.
Thanks to everyones responses earlier in getting an idea in dealing with this. I have to say that I had a good experience with them and kudos for the nice woman at the other end of the line, Adrian.
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A draft environmental study of plans to replace the aging 520 bridge finds that one interchange design would alleviate the most congestion on the bridge's western approach.

While noise-reduction lids and sound walls would significantly reduce current noise levels throughout the project, one patch east of the Interstate 405 intersection would see an increase in noise, according to the report, which was released today after six years of research.

The study also says the new bridge would have a toll of $3.35 one-way during afternoon rush hour and $1.80 in the off-peak hours.

Full story

Thoughts? What do you think would be an acceptable toll to cross the bridge?

Bumbershoot question

Today my place of employment gifted me with Gold Passes for Bumbershoot. I've never had one of these special tickets before, so I checked the details at the Bumbershoot website:

Gold Pass holders will receive the following benefits:

* VIP entrance and access to reserved seating areas in the following venues:
o Bumbershoot Mainstage presented by Tower Records in Memorial Stadium*
o KeyArena on Saturday, September 2 for the "Flat Track Derby Invitational," hosted by the Rat City Rollergirls

*Access to venues and reserved seating is guaranteed only until five minutes prior to show start time.

My question is, do Gold Pass holders need to get a wristband like everyone else does for the evening Mainstage shows? The whole reserved seating thing sort of makes it sound like they don't, but since it doesn't explicitly say "you don't need a wristband" I don't want to assume that and then discover I'm wrong. Do you still need the wristband but you get to go through a shorter line to get into the venue and can sit in the reserved area? I checked Google and the memories, but they didn't provide much clarification.