August 10th, 2006

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So I've posted on here a couple times about planning on moving to Seattle (from Michigan) in about a year...

well, plans have changed slightly... I'm moving in a week and a half!!

The only problem is I need furniture.. any recommendations on where I could get cheap furniture in the Renton area.. something somewhat reliable but that I won't have to spend a whole lot of money on..

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SeaTac Airport Alert

There are massive security delays at Sea-Tac Airport -- several hours long with the security line weaving across multiple levels of the airport. Expect very long delays and remove all liquid-based items from your carry-on baggage.

**Basically, do not attempt to go through security with eye drops, toothpaste, gels, creams, and/or a beverage. If you're flying today, it sucks to be you.
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Landlord/Tenant issues?

Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone knew any links to websites outlining Landlord/Tenant laws.

my landlord is currently accusing me of doing drugs and traffiking in the apartment complex, and yet he has no solid proof.

He is threatening with an eviction notice and I fear formy living space.

In all honesty, If I'm not allowed to smoke ANYWHERE in the building, I'm not gonna be retarded enough to smoke pot or what have you inside my apartment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

also information on court hearings about this kind of thing would be nice as well..

thank you for your time.
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Graphic design class

I'm interested in taking an intermediate graphic design class to hone my skills. I am mostly interested in the adobe creative suite (photoshop, illustrator, and indesign).

It needs to be an accredited college/university because I am using my americorps education award. so, any reccomendations?

Do Not Use "Maid In The Northwest" cleaning service!

Want your house cleaned? DO NOT try to use Maid in the Northwest. 
I booked a house-cleaning with them as a gift for someone - confirmation, credit card number, all systems go... Only to have not one but two of their people, at two different times today, fail to show up. I am extremely pissed. And when I called them, they're like, "oh, well... I guess we could maybe try to find someone else..." Because, yeah, I so trust anything you people say now...
This was supposed to be a nice present for a friend who's under a lot of stress, and their incompetence turned it into a huge hassle. Fuckers.
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Beacon Hill?

Hi there!

I'm very new to the area, and I've been apartment hunting for a couple of weeks now. I may have found a place in the Beacon Hill area. In your experience, how bad of a neighborhood would I be in if I moved there? I don't want to be murdered in my bed or anything.
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Temp agencies for office jobs

Hey, guys. I've gone and made myself unemployable with an English/Spanish degree and have had a hell of a time getting my resume noticed. It's time to start looking for a temp job.

I've checked the memories and looked around on Google a bit and it looks like Kelly, Volt, and Parker come highly recommended. However, I was hoping someone here could tell me which agency is best for someone who is looking for an administrative assistant-type position. If it matters, I have four years of office experience.

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Diamond Parking

So today in the mail I get a notice for a parking fine with Diamond Parking. Actually a second notice.

I never even saw a first one.

I am not sure but I *think* I know where its for, parking at the M's game, behind the brewery. Now, I know I paid the 10 bucks they were charging, you can't even get into that lot without being stopped, but no receipt (they really don't give you one)

So my question is, anyone have an issue with Diamond doing this to people, claiming they never paid, or heard of any scams recently with them? Or if you have encountered this same issue, were they good about canceling the ticket? It's a rip off to have to pay that much in the first place, and now this?

I have to wait until they open tomorrow to talk to someone, but it would be good know if anyone else has experienced this before.


OBGYN in Northgate/downtown?

Nothing in the memories seemed to fit this exact issue, so:

I'm looking for an OBGYN/NP near Northgate, downtown, or somewhere between. I have Premera, which is widely accepted, so that's not an issue. The circumstance is this: I've had some bad experiences (misdiagnoses such as a bladder infection when I actually had an ovarian cyst AND was pregnant) and would like someone who comes highly recommended. I was on Take Charge before I became insured, but Planned Parenthood doesn't have the BC pills that work best for my body and I can afford to go somewhere else.

Any recommendations?

Comfy Cozy Booths

I'm trying to compile a list of nice cozy bars with really comfortable booths/couches. Capitol Hill area prefered.

My favorite used to be at Blue Bistro... the upstairs(or up the ladder) towards the back, there was a cute little red couch. I loved it because it was tucked away. But they took it down (fire hazard perhaps?).

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Share my lovely Eastlake condo!

I am looking for a roommate to share my amazing 1000+ sq. foot condo with.

It's in a lovely 1920's brick building and has a spectacular view of Portage Bay with a large deck. The room available is the master bedroom that adjoins the deck and has a walk-in closet. The condo has hardwood floors, a large craft room/office, shared laundry, ample on-street parking, storage, and lots of charm. It is located right near the University Bridge, so it is a very short walk to campus/U. District and a short bus ride to Capitol Hill and Downtown.

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