August 9th, 2006

What the FRACK
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Ok... please help!

Im not very familiar with downtown Seattle. We just received suprise tickets to the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert. Where is the best place to park? Or better yet, could we take a train/bus/ANYTHING to save on dealing with traffic?? I'd be coming from Tacoma!

Any help would be appreciated! Im scouring the web lookin for help... but to no avail!
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I need a model!

I need a model on 8/20 to do a partial foil and haircut on for my audition to work at Derby on Roosevelt. I have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with the salon.

Model must be female, and must be open to significant change. Hair must be at least shoulder length, and be willing to go shorter (not necessarily REALLY short). Will NOT be doing a retouch on previous foil - so if your hair is allready foiled, we have to do something different.

No charge to you.

if anyone's interested, let me know. Also, I'd like to see a picture so I know what I'm working with and can let you know what I have in mind.

(Virgin hair would be a PLUS, but not required.)

Serious inquiries only. We can talk about it more in email.

The audition is at 11:45 on Sunday, August 20th at Derby. I don't drive, but I can meet you there, or you could pick me up and I could bus back. I myself live in Northgate.

edited: Thanks to everyone who responded, I think I've found a model. Have a good day!
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Junking a car and looking for potato crisps

Two questions! (yes, I checked Google and memories)


I need to junk a car that is crapped out in Everett. It does not run. Are there any scrap yards that will come and get it and give me any sort of money for it? I've called a few places but they all seem to want me to bring the car to them, which isn't an option. Ideally, getting a few bucks for it would be great, but I'm looking for any options really to have someone come and take it (the sooner the better).


Does anyone know where I can find a light, airy snack crisp called Munchos locally? I'm not having any luck at the major grocery chains and desire them immediately.

here is a photo of Munchos

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: hollyqueen found this snack finder link and I located some of the 99c bags of Munchos at the nearest 7-11s. They seem to be common in 7-11s. And the bonus? They also had Peach Mentos! Score.

EDIT #2: Kars 4 Kids is taking the car.

Work at Boeing

Checked in memories but didn't see anything relevant.  What employment agency or agencies have contracts with Boeing for administrative (non-engineering) jobs?  Any agency or agencies that should be avoided?

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We are driving from Seattle to Leavenworth (and back) in two weeks, for the weekend. We're going to go tubing down the river there, and go to the wine festival that weekend.

Are there any unusual/interesting/awesome/etc. places on the way from here to there, in, or near Leavenworth that we should stop and check out? I mean stores, visitor attractions, sights, and so on? When we were there last year, we hit up all of the usual stores and restaurants in town. We plan to drive north to Everett and then take Highway 2 east to Leavenworth. However, I guess we could take I-90 east if there's something really cool we need to see.

Suggestions? Thanks!