August 8th, 2006

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our power went out at my u-district apartment at around 10p last night. a number of the buildings north and north east of us went out too. does anyone have any idea why?
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Photo enforcement sucks

So I get home the other night after visiting my sister, and I open my mailbox. I have this conspicuous letter from the dept. of licensing. I've just recently bought and transfered a motorcycle, so I think this is like the subject of the letter. Oh how wrong I was. I open the envelope to find a nice crystal clear photo of the ass end of my truck tailing through a red light at Denny and Fairview. Oh yeah, and a $101 ticket. I wasn't even aware we had these things. I actually recall the evening this took place, and I just wasn't paying close attention, looked up as the light turned red, and followed the car ahead of me through it.

So you'd think I'd learn my lesson, right? Yesterday I'm riding my bike downtown and see a yellow light. I keep going and it turns red as I'm still in the intersection. Now, this should be legal and all, as I was in the intersection, but I'm not really sure when these cameras are set to go off. And the amusing thing is I was once again on Denny (though not at fairview).

For the curious, it turns out these tickets don't count as points against your license (they can't verify who was driving). So I'm just going to pay it and be on my way. But now I'm wondering if I'll be getting another one in a week or two.


I would like to thank all of those who commented "Maybe you shouldn't do that." I am deeply moved by both your concern for my well-being, and your sincere wishes for my education. Your observations have caused me to deeply reconsider my reckless ways. Ahead of me I see clear skies and smooth sailing as I embark on a new life as a law-abiding citizen. Once again the upstanding, uptight, holier than thou citizens of this great liberal city have righted the path of an evildoer.

Also, to those who felt I should accept the consequences of my actions... I had every intention of making a run for the Canadian border (they don't support extradition do they?) to escape my fate. I applaud you for seeing through my thinly veiled subtrefuge. When I earlier posted So I'm just going to pay it and be on my way. I was honestly trying to buy a few precious moments to finalize my escape plans. Inside I was railing against the unfairness of the system. While I pretended to focus simply on my surprise that we had these devices here, both in my original post and subsequent followups, inside I was raging at the oppression of the system and the gestapo, big brother tactics of our police state. Again, I commend you for recognizing my true voice.

Fight the power! Damn the man! Save the Empire!

The Spice of Life

It's time to restock my spice shelves again so I'm hoping to get some recommendations about where to go. The main thing I'm trying to find is some good quality cinnamon, and I mean cinnamon, not cassia. So where do you go for quality spices?


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Camping anyone?

Hi, I was hoping to get recommendations from people on place to camp around Seattle. 

I'm looking for a place that about 8 or 10 people can go that's within a few hours drive of Seattle. We want a place that has water nearby and allows camp fires. I've tried looking on the Washington Parks website and stuff but I couldn't really find any places, and when I did they were all booked. We're not looking for something that's way out in the wilderness, just a place that some 18-20 year olds can have a fun little end of the summer trip to. 

Any recommendations would be great!

Thank you all!
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Bumbershoot Passes for Sale

My friends are all going to Portland the weekend of Bumbershoot - damn them, I wanted to see Zero 7 play on Sunday!!!! :-(

Well, anyone care to buy two 1-Day passes to Bumbershoot? $25 each, or $45 for the pair. The passes are good for one day admission on any day for one person - so you could go to two days or go once with your favourite concert buddy.

Naked Lady Painted On A House?

I was whizzing down I-5 this morning on my way to work when I noticed a GIGANTIC NAKED LADY painted on the side of a white house near the edge of the freeway. The house was between the NE 65th and NE 50th street exits, on the east side of the freeway. Am I on drugs or suffering hallucinations? Please tell me someone else saw this. I'm driving by again later to be sure, but it would help if I knew I wasn't losing my shit. xox.

small bikes and shoe talk

What was with those kids on the waterfront all riding intel inside tricked out bicycles? Promotion of some sort? Craziness abound? They were neat looking small bikes nonetheless.

Also, what brands of shoes would you recommend for a person who walks a few blocks from the ferry terminal to work? Crocks perhaps? Doc Martins? What do you dress your feet in ;/.
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Does anyone know...

(yes, I googled and checked the memories)

Does anyone know anything about a company called the Rocking Horse, possibly owned by Melinda Pierce, that makes animal hats? Their motto is "Be the wildlife."
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