August 7th, 2006


Great piercing experience

Just thought that'd drop a quick nod to the great pholks at Laughing Buddha (link pops) on Broadway.

I walked in for a 'personal' piercing last night, and both guys I dealt with (Crow and JJ) were awesome; both explained the process and the care and feeding of piercings without being patronizing, which I appreciate. I've been through about a half dozen piercings, but it's always good to learn "the rules" of the shop you're in.

I won't bore you with the details, but Laughing Buddha gave me the best customer service of any piercing/tattoo shop that I've been in. I'd have no reservations about going back and will recommend them to anybody

What's the deal with finding a rental in Green Lake?

So we're moving up to Seattle. What started off as a fluke job interview for my hubby turned into an actual killer offer. Needless to say, we're elated. I'm a native Portlander and he's from upstate New York. We've battled for years about where to finally settle. And then ...Seattle. I think our seven year old son will be pretty lucky to grow up there too.

We love the Phinney/Green Lake area and want to live thereabouts, BUT, no dice. Every time we find something, it's already been rented. I'm all over craigslist and property managements, etc. We're prepared to come up also. So what gives? Is this just an impossible area to find a rental home in? Ironically, we finally have the cash to get something decent and there is just nothing (2+ BR available). Anybody have any tips or know of anything opening up soon? I'm thinking it's probably due to school starting soon. If you have ideas, or even just a lame sarcastic remark, I'd sure appreciate it. And if you help land us, I'll give you beer or knit you a hat, or a sweater, or a doggie sweater...

Ionic Bond

Positions Open in Redmond Biotech

Our company has 3 positions currently open for Cerep, a small CRO biotech in Redmond:

Research Associate in Compound Receipt group
The Research Associate – Compound Reception provides support to laboratory operations in the preparation of stock solutions for test compounds. AA or B.S. degree in a relevant scientific discipline (e.g. Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology). Minimum one year of laboratory experience

Research Associate in Cytotox group
A Research Associate supports the design and execution of customer studies and the development of cell-based assays and procedures. B.S. degree in Biology or related field. One year of cell culture experience

Customer Support Representative in Customer Support group
The Customer Support Representative is responsible for direct support of sales and marketing (i.e. commercial) functions, laboratory operations, and general office administration. Two year degree from a College/University. Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office software

Please contact me with an email for more detailed job descriptions if interested in any of them. The pay I believe is competitive, and has decent benefits.

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I need a picture of a house. I'll compensate you!

There's a post a few down that explains the trouble we've been having relocating to Phinney/Greenlake from out of state. So we have a line on a house but may need to sign without going inside. At this point, I'm OK with that based on all of the info. I have. But I just want to see the front of it. So if anyone is willing to go take a snapshot of the front of it and email it to me, I'll compensate you. Email me or post, name your price, and hopefully we won't be homeless in Seattle.

:) thanks!

Health Professionals Institute

I'm thinking about taking a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA or NAC) course through Health Professionals Institute and was wondering if anyone has taken this class from them or any courses from them. What were your thoughts? Opinions? Their office is located in Renton but their brochure looks like they were previously located in Everett, if that helps any.

Thanks in advance!