August 6th, 2006

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Dinner ideas?

I am coming up to Seattle in late September and would like to go out to eat with some friends. Somewhere that it is ok to potentially take a child to (I'm not sure if there's definitly going to be one....) that isn't very expensive (no more than 20 a person, 15 preferrably.) but is close to downtown!

Any ideas?
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rental woes

my roommate and i trying to rent a two bedroom duplex in ballard right now. we are 21 and 22, have great credit (verifiable) and good rental history. the property manager of said duplex wouldn’t allow us to apply for this place (he tells us this after i pay for a credit check) because both of us don’t have FIVE YEARS OF RENTAL HISTORY.

is this normal? we’re really not old enough to have a full five years each of renting. he tells us that this is all standard procedure, but i’ve never encountered it before. has anyone else run into a situation like this?

Open Letter

Dear Blue Angels and Seattle City Leaders -

Thank you for yesterday's entertaining flight show. It's a good time, and lots of people look forward to it and turn out to see it.

However, with practices and today's second show, the planes have been screaming past my Beacon Hill home for four days now. I-90 is closed again. My cats are scared again. I can't write music. We had a block party for yesterday's show; today there's nobody out there watching.

Perhaps we can cancel the Sunday show in the future?


Georgetown Neighborhood

Anyone familiar with the Georgetown neighborhood? I know many of the other neighborhoods in Seattle quite well, but I'm thinking about sharing a house in Georgetown, and I don't know much about it. I've heard that there is an artist community there, and something about a good coffee shop, but that's about it.

My main concern is that I'll be taking the bus to Seattle for a while since I don't have a car. Plus, since Georgetown is in the between an airport, Highway 99 and I-5, I'm also concerned about noise and pollution.

Please share what you know about Georgetown! Thanks.

Hair Salon in South Snohomish County

I am looking for an amazing, wonderful and super nice hair salon in South Snohomish County (where I reside) Anyone have any reccommendations??? I want to cut all my hair off (like Winona Ryder short) and need someone who will sit down with me, have a short consultation, tell me if I'm nuts, and not make me look like a hobbit.

Fun on Sundays

Hi everyone,

I am a Jenna, a recent college graduate from Michigan, who just moved to Seattle. I love to go out to the bars and clubs, but I am wondering what is open on Sunday that is worth going to. Nightlife on Sundays seems to vary from city to city. What do you reccomend? Thank you!!!

Jenna :)