August 5th, 2006

  • jsl32

so, how's northgate?

anyone live there presently? does it have things like walkable places to get dinner and see a movie? does it have bars not full of young rugrats? from what i've seen of it, it seems all right, but i'd love to hear from anyone living around that area, if any such people post here.

home for a dog?

my friend is moving to seattle and wants to live in either fremont or capitol hill.... however, she is having a super difficult time finding a (one bedroom) apartment in the area that will allow for her dog and cat.

things we've done:

- search craigslist to no end
- ask every person on the streets we've seen that has a dog and asked where they live
- looked for listings in other newspapers

what else could you suggest? more so... can you suggest apartments/places that might allow for tenants to have dogs?

and on a side note, whats the reputation for RP Management. they run a lot of the potential apartments, including the Quinalt bldg on mercer/boylston.

thanks in advance!