August 4th, 2006


Need Bubble Tea in Downtown Seattle

Hi-didilly ho, Seattlites!

I have checked the Memories, no love. I have checked the archives (painstakingly, month by month) and found this post from April, which pointed me to the bubbleteafans community. However, most of the recomendations are either up on the Ave or down in the ID. I Googled. I got my Google Local on. In short, my brothers and sisters, I did everything I could to avoid having to ask you for help.

I'm supposed to meet up with a friend for some bubble tea around lunchtime today, and for the life of me, can't really find any in the Downtown area. I know that there's a Vietnamese place on 3rd and about Pike that has it, because I went there last Friday for dinner. The pother postes have said "most Pho places" have it, but I don't want to have to do much more leg work.

So, I humbly admit defeat and ask you, where can I get bubble tea in the Downtown area? I am south of Pike and north of Cherry. Any help would be appreciated.


Awesome Vegetarian Food!

I just wanted to put a plug for the Vegetarian Bistro, an all veggie Dim Sum place in the International District. I just went there for the first time today and it was delectable but sadly empty. All of you vegetarians (and appreciators of delicious food in general) should trek out there to keep this place in business, as it fills an niche that is extremely under-represented. I went there with two staunch meat eaters and they loved it too. Also, it's cheap. The three of us stuffed ourselves silly for $10 each including tax and a generous tip.

Vegetarian Bistro
668 S. King St
  • kowboy

Introductory Oracle classes downtown

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good introductory Oracle class in the downtown area. Seattle Central doesn't offer any Oracle specific classes and the UW Extension won't let me sign up unless I start the whole advanced certification course. I'm just looking for a decent way to get up to speed since having been hired by a company using a lot of Oracle applications.


Medical Transport Help

A friend of mine is stuck in Maine with a busted vertebrae. He is slowly on the mends, and his family is trying to get him back home to Seattle. His insurance will not cover a medical transport. His friends and family are donating as much as they can, but this kind of thing is expensive.

Has anyone had to deal with this sort of thing before? If any one has any leads on grants, scholarships, charities, etc... they would be greatly appreciated.