August 3rd, 2006

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seattle to port angeles

How would one get to Port Angeles from Seattle using public transportation? The only bus I found takes forever by going around the sound, and I'm thinking bussing to Edmonds and then taking the ferry. But then what? What kind of bus would I take from Kingston for the fastest way?

where to shop for a unique dress

i am going to a wedding in michigan in a couple weeks... and i need a dress.

however, i really want something that is not mall-like.

i moved here recently, and dont know of all the good areas to look around... however the one major problem i do have is that i am looking for stores that are more likely to carry sizes 12-16. a lot of the cute stores that i've come across from walking around definitely cater to those who are more petite...

i read in the archives on here about a store called venus that sounded interesting, but i couldn't find the phone number or store listing, so i am guessing it has closed since.

i would even consider a custom-made dress if the price is right.


Lunch at Pike Place Market

I'm now work within walking distance to Pike Place Market and I know there are a lot of different places to grab lunch but I always seem to go to the same places: Beecher's, the Crumpet Shop, Mee Sum Pastries and Mr. D's Greek Delicacies. Since i_know_nuffin can you please recommend to me other places in the Market that are great for lunch? Also if you have a recommendation for a place what's your favorite 'dish' to order there?

Thanks in advance.
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omg jumper wave 2k6

I was just walking to Cocoa Banana for a Mango smoothy (yum) when I noticed about 2000 police and emergancy vehicles converging on 1st and Columbia. You could see a dude sitting on the ledge of the norton building (About 4 stories up?) from second avenue. Avoid this area like the plague, it's all messed up right now.


I am told that tartar sauce is popularly consumed with fries in Seattle, WA. I haven't encountered this myself though. Where can I find an eating establishment that serves fries with tartar sauce? Preferably a place with good beer too.

Bonus points if they are seasoned, thick-cut fries.

Bonus bonus points if this is in or near the U-District.


Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions. Ivar's looked good, but they don't have fries on the (online) menu, except as part of fish'n'chips. I ended up going to Red Mill Burgers in Phinney. Their fries are plain (not seasoned nor thick cut), but they are very decent. A small tub of tartar sauce costs 23 cents. Perfect! They don't have beer though. Belgian Frites sounds wonderful, I must remember them next time I have a late night on the Hill.

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Can any of you fine folks suggest a downtown salon where I can turn my dark roots white without all my hair falling out? It's gotten to a length where I just don't trust my platinum hued hair to just anyone anymore!

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I am seriously jonesing for pierogies, but neither Google nor the memories nor can tell me where I can find them in the greater Seattle area. The one place I found -- the Polish Home restaurant -- is closed for the summer.

So. Anyone know of anyplace where I can get my Polish dumpling fix tomorrow night?