August 2nd, 2006

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The Seattle City Council on Monday dropped Millennium Digital Media and added Wave Broadband as the city's second cable provider.

City officials said Wave Broadband will take ownership of Millennium's cable franchise, which serves the Central Area, Beacon Hill, downtown Seattle, and parts of Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. They added that Wave Broadband has promised subscribers an entry-level package of $22, which is about half of Millennium's entry-level package.

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Capture the Flag: Capitol Hill Edition

I know the picture doesn't show up very well, so here's the basic idea. Someone is planning on playing a free for all capture the flag game on Capitol Hill on Saturday evening. Starts at 11pm at Seattle Central. I wish I wasn't going away this weekend. It would be fun to get pictures of the event.


Attention Seattle Girls!

I need some desperate help!

Im a MAC artist in Seattle, and today is my Certification(ie: BIG TEST!!!!! IN FRONT OF OUR AWESOME/UNBELIEVEBLY COOL TRAINER!AHH!)

I need a makeup model, for 4:30 today! I will be doing a full application so it will take about an hour, hour and a half depending on how smooth it goes!
All my girlfriends are either out of town for summer or don't get off work till late!
I can work on any face shape, type or condition. Clear skin would be a plus, but a few blemishes are FINE. Thats what I'm here for!

I would be COMPLETELY appreciative if someone could help me with this! it will be at the NORTHGATE mac counter, and ill treat you to lunch too! I can pick you up if you dont drive or live a little out of the city too!
Im sorry its so late notice but I will also repay you with a little gift!(probably a pigment or pallet ;D !!! )

Send me an email at, or post on my personal journal if you can help at all!

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Weird situation...

I live across from an assisted living high rise. Every day/night, this one guy yells out his window. He'll yell anything from some 411 jingle to "F*CK!" "ASS!" and other such lovely phrases such as "I HAVE TO F*CKING YELL, SHE'S DEAF CAN'T YOU F*CKING UNDERSTAND ME?"

I usually laugh. It's really amusing...

...until now. It's after 10pm and he's yelling "F*CK. ASS. F*CK. ASS. F*CK" and other words that I can't make out.

I'm not sure what we can do, short of figuring out how to contact someone in that building to get the 411 guy to STFU and go to sleep. Any suggestions? Any other similar stories?

Oh and now he's yelling "HELP ME HELP YOU HELP ME HELP YOU."