August 1st, 2006

Not Your Average Postcards?


I like to exchange postcards with friends and now that I live in the area I would like to find where I can get some interesting and unique postcards. Does anyone have some suggestions of where I should go?


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Local demo CD replication.

I am looking for a local service where I can drop off a privately produced CDR and have a few hundred copies made. Optimally, they would also be able to print on the CD, package it, and so forth. With Seattle's vibrant independent music scene, it seems like a sure bet that there are a handful of companies that do just this. Any personal recommendations?

For reference, I checked Google and the top results were national-scale companies using link spam and whatnot to attach to the keyword 'Seattle'. None of them looked like an actual store that one could actually walk in to.

good places for aspiring pickup artists

Some other Internet dude and I are planning on going out to bars soon to try to pick up women (see the book "The Game", the "Mystery Method",, etc). However we don't tend to go out to bars ever, so we don't know the best bars for such things.

I think what we are looking for are the most meatmarkety bars out there. I'd prefer not to have to pay a cover, but then again we are both super rich so if the best places have covers that would be fine.

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Hit and Run

I was involved in a hit and run accident on market street while turning north on 17th. The dude changed lanes right into my car as I was turning right. He then yelled out of his window that I didn't have my turn signal on and then drove off. I did have my turn signal on but I don't see how he would have seen it anyway... I called the cops and filed a police report. I had the guys license plate from me and a witness. I gave that to the cops and it sounds pretty much like the cops are going to ignore it. I asked what happened next and he said just to give it to my insurance company. I pushed a bit more and he said he might get a hit and run ticket of they can find him. Is it common for the cops to ignore hit and run reports?


Does anybody know where I can get Ephedra (Ephedrine) in the Greater Seattle Metro area? I am specifically looking for Mini-Thins with Ephedra. Since the the ban was lifted, I have yet to find any place selling it.


Wanted: Asian American actress for 8/6 video shoot

Seeking Asian American ingenue to play the lead role in HK-action-style music video. Looking for Asian American woman, 20s, pref. close to 5'6". If you're Seattle's Jeon Ji-Hyun or Zhang Ziyi, we definitely want to see you! Please send headshots/resumes to

When: Sunday, Aug. 6, 2pm-9pm
Where: Various locations in Seattle
No pay, but meals included on shoot day, plus copy of finished film and free admission to special screening on August 14 (see listing at

For more information about the project, please email

This is Disturbing -

Shannon Kringen is on my HDTV... and her broadcast is happening FROM MY OLD APARTMENT... oooh icky!!!

She's 37, and the guy she's banging like a screendoor (aka making love, not just sex or mating) - for 2 months, and she wants a longterm commitment

Ok, must turn away... however.. it's so terrible...I can't look away... argh - BLIND ME