July 31st, 2006

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Tri-Nar Incorporated

If anyone is needing an electrician, do NOT choose these guys. Tri-Nar Incorporated, out of Redmond. Jeff, the owner, was very rude to me, spoke down to me, and basically tried to say this incident was all my fault and I had no right to complain about his rude driver.

This morning, while merging, one of their trucks almost merged into my car (we were both getting onto 520, and I happened to merge first) The driver then proceeded to flip me off, because obviously it was my fault that he almost hit me, then got behind me, flipped me off again, then drove past me, and once more did it, before exiting.

I wouldn't have cared so much after the first one, everyone gets pissy on the freeway, but the fact he did it several times, I decided to call the company.

I spoke with owner Jeff, and his drivers story was that I merged first, sped up, then INTENTIONALLY blocked him from merging. I was like excuse me? Oh yes and that I had crossed the solid white line and his driver was waiting until it was "legal" to merge. And yet, I wasn't in his way enough that he thought he could almost merge into the backend of my car. Oh, and the driver wasn't flipping me off, but just raising his hand. I said no, he flipped me off at least twice to which he responded "oh it was more than that!". Sooo, he was flipping me off then....and you are saying because your driver believes that it was my fault and that gives them every excuse to flip me off all the way down the freeway?

I didn't get a response to that, other than, some lame excuse that maybe traffic was bad and I wasn't paying attention correctly, and maybe I should next time. He then thanked me for calling and told me to have a better day. Great way to advertise your company Jeff.

Tool Tickets

Hi everyone--

I had a line on two GA Tool Tickets, but they fell through and I'm scrambling to find others. If anyone has two Tool Tickets for 8/27, I'd be happy to make an offer!!! Thanks so much!

Steak, not on a budget

Dear seattle;

I am looking for the best steak in Seattle, and I need your help.

I really don't care about much else beyond the steak.
ideally they would serve tasty bread and have good scotch, but i will happily go to some hole in the wall that just manages to produce the best steak I can have in the 206 (or 425) area code.

In all honesty, I am looking for two places:
The Best fillet mignon, and
The Best prime rib.

thank you so much for your input.

(no subject)

Okay. I need a salon, that's open past 6 tonight, accepts walkins, and is someplace I can recommend to a friend. Meaning, somewhere that's not going to make me burst into tears after they're done with my hair.

Ready? Go!

(no subject)

Here are the 3 newest press releases that I have recieved
Mostly some information stuff about events and a reminder about cats that need to be adopted in Seattle

Bring Your Bike & Join BikeMania at Magnuson Park
Click for more details

Pagliacci dishes up green pizza to launch City Light’s Green Up campaign
Click for more details

Seattle Animal Shelter reminder that there are Fabulous Felines Available for Adoption
Click for more details
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Honeymoon Suite recommendations

My sister is getting married in September and I'm thinking about getting them a honeymoon suite for a night or two. I'm still fuzzy on the date their honeymoon is going to start so right now I'm just looking for suggestions on hotels. I want them to have a great room, at a great hotel, with great service.

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good evening pricks


Hi everyone, about to move to a house instead of an apartment for the first time and I was wondering if anyone out there who lives/ has lived in a house and had to pay all their utilities can give me an estimate on how much per month these cost, including water, sewer, electricity, etc. Thanks!
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(no subject)

anyone who responded to my post on friday about that bothell house to share, i have posted an update on the first comment. READ it. i need y'all's help in catching this person red-handed.
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Antique Rings

Where would you go if you wanted to buy an antique/vintage/estate engagement ring in Seattle?...


All I've been able to find through Google is some place in the Northgate Mall, and, frankly, I'd rather not buy a ring from the mall...

I am looking for someone I can trust and a store that's been around for a while. Neither of us have ever purchased any real jewelry before, so we'll need some guidance and someone with patience.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Selling a car

I need your experiences and help in selling a car.

My husband and I are going down to one car, and we're a little anxious on getting it to sell. We've placed ads on Craigslist, autotrader, and thinking about running an ad in the Seattle Times/P-I. We've also placed a sign in the window of the car, but since he still drives it to commute, we haven't "parked" it anywhere to show that it is for sale. We're hoping to sell it in the next 3-4 months.

Any other good places to advertise on selling a car in the seattle area? It's a 2001 Audi TT quattro coupe (not the roadster). Thank you!
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Real Estate Agent Who Specializes in West Seattle.

I might be selling my house in West Seattle. I'd like to know if anyone knows of a good real estate agent who's familiar/specialized in the West Seattle neighbourhood. This would be for a seller's agent, although I've you've dealt with them as a buyer's agent I'd like to hear comments as well. The agent I used to buy the place was great, but she doesn't know the neighbourhood that well, so I don't know how well she can pimp it.

Disclaimer: I know how Google works, thanks. I'm looking for personal recommendations.