July 30th, 2006

need to order food in wallingford

right now. wtf is open?

pagliacci, no
pizza hut, no
zekes, no
dominos, no

I just moved here..need after 1am options. not used to having this much difficulty getting food at 1am

EDIT: Thanks for all the food tips, I bookmarked the post. The pizza ended up being so-so, kinda made me miss home more. But it's all good. Thanks again!

Can you give a cat a good home?

Gargamel, my 5 year old Norwegian Forest cat, has a really unique personality. He 15 pounds of white fluff and love, and has a very strange sense of humor. He will lay near-comatose on your lap and completely steal your heart.

It pains me, but my financial situation requires that I move in with my boyfriend and his two huskies, a home life that would be less than desirable for a chill, laid-back cat such as Gargamel. He is on a special diet that requires prescription food from the vet, but this is inexpensive and relatively non-inconveniencing, especially considering how independent and loyal Gargamel is. I want to be sure to find him a very caring and responsible guardian for him, so please contact me if you're interested or have any questions about him: troutjm (at) gmail (dot) com.

Now for some pictures...

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Feel free to pass this along to your friends, thank you so much for looking!