July 29th, 2006


film industry people

I have a friend who is considering moving to Seattle. He is an independent film-maker and he's interested in making contact with people in Seattle's film industry. Apart from the obvious NWFF resource, does anyone have any recommendations for my friend? Are any of you involved in film, and would be prepared to talk to him?

He's also looking at Portland, so any recommendations for down there would be appreciated too.


Best auto transport services...

Hello all! I've spent the day doing research online. I'm trying to ship my car from Utah to Washington. The Seattle Community is such a rich source of advice, I was wondering if anyone had any good experiences and wouldn't mind sharing with a fellow in need of help. I'm looking for the lowest price and would like to hear about some of your favorite companies. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks.

(no subject)

Hello I found an abandoned starling which looks about 12 days old at the market a few days ago. Been feeding it but been reading it will need a perching area and will still handfeed after it is able to fly. I cannot accomodate all this and wonder if anyone knows of any wild bird rescues or organizations in the Seattle area I can hand the starling over to so it can be cared for properly and returned to the wild. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank You.
Zydrate is a girl's best friend

Looking for roommate at the end of September.

At the end of September, I'll be moving into a two bedroom townhouse in Northgate. I am looking for a roommate, male or female. Smokers ok, but you have to smoke outside. No pets other than fish (I myself have 4 tanks). I myself am a 19 year old pierced, tattooed punker chick who does hair and sews clothing for a living. The apartments are located directly across the street from the Northgate mall.

Rent will be around $500 a month including garbage, parking, sewer, water, & pool access. Utilities will be split, but I just use my cell so if you want a house line, that's up to you.

Potential roommates must be fun and not too horribly anal. I'm very neat, non-smoker, though I do enjoy having friends over and having a beer at the end of a long day. However, I am 0 tolerance when it comes to drugs (yes, even pot.)

Get ahold of me if interested!