July 28th, 2006

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warning! if anyone is looking for a place to live, do NOT respond to an ad for a house to share in Bothel on craigslist. I just had a terrible experience with this person which included her shutting the power off to my room because i wouldnt come out so she could yell at me. And yes, i paid rent, etc etc.

Calling All Subaru Owners

Where do you get your car serviced?  I just crossed the 80k mark and my "Check Engine" light came on.  The dudes at Jiffy Lube say I'm up to date as far as maintenance goes with them, and that I need to see a mechanic or dealership.  As a non-car-savvy woman, I distrust just about everyone. :p  I'd rather find someone through word of mouth.
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Vienna Teng/Duncan Sheik tickets

And in other news...

I have two extra tickets to the Vienna Teng/Duncan Sheik show tomorrow night at Chop Suey. I'd like to sell them at face value, $19/each ($15 for the ticket and $4 for the service charge). If you're interested, please comment or send an email.

And now, back to Phil with the weather.

I'm selling my car to someone - Need advice

There's a good chance I'll be selling my car tomorrow to a private party. I don't have my title yet because I just paid off the car loan at my bank in MA. The seller is willing to give me $$ knowing the title is coming - and I'll write up a bill of sale. Is there any reason why I should do this? I'm worried he'll runover 5 people and I'll be liable since the car will still be registered under my name. I can cancel the insurance but I don't know if that will releases me of all liability. One website (cars.com) recommended obtaining a temporary operating permit to release me of liability but WA doesn't appear to have this.


ps. this is my first post to this community - hello to everyone!
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Tattoo Parlor Recommendations

I often have seen people looking for recommendations on tattoos. So I thought I would just tip my hat to Slave to the Needle, their artist really worked with me. And as my first tattoo I was a bit of a difficult client.

My only complaint. I was looking forward to biting my pain to some loud music. Sadly, I missed out on my rare chance to feel hard core, when the needle carved me up, I was listening to Pan Flute Music.