July 27th, 2006

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I checked the memories, and found a lot of links, but they didn't pan out, so...

I'm looking for a local bank with whom to open a business account (General Partnership). I'd prefer a credit union, but it seems a lot of credit unions can't accept businesses that aren't sole proprietorships or charge a lot of per-transaction fees for business accounts. I did have a sole propreitorship account with my own credit union, WSECU, but they done me wrong.

Can any other small business owners recommend someone? I just can't keep storing our millions of dollars in profits under my mattress...
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Seattle: City of Murder

This story was on the Yahoo front page: 9 Killed in Seattle area in as many days.

"A 3-year-old boy, his throat slit, dies along with his brother, mother and aunt while his father is serving in Iraq.  Hikers find a librarian and her daughter shot to death along a trail. A group of young men are fired on when they pull their car into a driveway.

"The crimes left nine people dead in as many days, stunning this generally peaceful region. Law enforcement officials said they couldn't recall a similar string of multiple homicides in the Seattle area.

""What's really strange about them, besides the quantity, is that every one of these cases is very bizarre," King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart said. "We just don't have that."

"The Seattle area is no stranger to horrific crimes — serial killers Gary Ridgway and Ted Bundy, for example, and the unsolved assassination of federal prosecutor Tom Wales in 2001."


Sorry to make two posts but...

The ZAPP (Zine Archive) is having our DIY Academy closing party on Wednesday, August 3. It's going to be a blast, and we are going to have a cupcake walk and great bands and food and such but!

We don't have a sound person. Without which we don't really have bands and thus a party.

So is there anyone here who would be willing to do take on the job or knows someone who would be able to, please please let me know.


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Bicycle Commuting

So, admittedly I haven't really ridden a bicycle in years, but given how long the 44 takes to get me from work near the UW Medical Center to Phinney just south of the zoo, I want to start commuting via bike. Any thoughts on things that I should think about? Like:
* hints on flatter routes from the Burke-Gilman up to 46th?
* where should I go look for a bike if I'm looking to spend ~$300 or so?
* what other kind of gear do you think I might want (other than reflectors/helmet/a lock)?

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Driving school?

After two years of living in Seattle, I have finally given in. It is time to relinquish my quaint New Yorker ways: I GOTTA LEARN TO DRIVE.

Some friends have tried to help but I think what a girl like me needs is some formal instruction.

Any driving school recommendations? Please?
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swing dancing

My roommate and I were just invited to join a few friends for Swing dancing lessons. I checked the memories and didnt see anything.

Im not sure of the name but the place my roommates are looking at is on Bainbridge island.
$100 for a couple, 5 days, from 5-9.

is there any other places mabe in seattle, so that i dont have to take a ferry each day?
personal experiences? cheaper places?

thanks in advance!


I checked the memories but they are pretty old or aren't specific enough. I am considering getting a VCH piercing. I haven't been pierced in quite a long time and have taken out all of the piercings of my youth but have recently been thinking more and more about a VCH. Does anyone have good recommendations for a place (and even better, a piercer) in Seattle who does a lot of VCH piercings? I have never been pierced in Seattle, nor do I have any friends here who had a VCH done in Seattle.


UPDATE (7/29): Thanks! I went to Chuck at Lucky Devil and she was awesome! I told her that the Seattle LJ community recommended her. :)

Ps. Thanks for all of the photobooth referrals!