July 26th, 2006

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tailoring (jeans/denim specific)

So, none of my jeans fit "right" cause I am simply a weird shape. Does anyone have experience with getting jeans tailored? How much does it cost (typically)? Mostly, I just need the waist brought in.

And to be Seattle-related, suggestions on where to get this done? I work in Denny Triangle area, but am also downtown (ferry area) everyday to get back to Bremerton. So pretty much anywhere "downtown" would work great.

slight edit: another great suggestion would be where to find jeans that actually will just *fit* off the shelf... but the waist has to be like 1-2 sizes smaller than the hips. they've gotta make em! Im nott he only girl in the world with a huge booty. :P


Lets wake up and open up the HOV lanes in Seattle......

To any car that is deviating from gasoline... be it a hybrid, partially solar powered, electric, hydrogen powered, or veggie fuel powered or any alternative to gasoline... also eliminate people who use this lane that have a frikkin child in a child's seat. and no I don't care if you have a dang mini van full of those little cracker crunchers! Get the hell out of the HOV lane.

The basic idea is to eliminate vehicles that emit toxins into the environment. This is not done when you have a child-seat in you car with a newborn.

If you change your diesel engine over to run on Veggie fuel, you should then receive a sticker, to put on the back of you vehicle, (like your tabs for instance) that signifies that you can be in that lane.

And it will not matter if you are just one person in the vehicle!

Thoughts please.

(check the last post for an update!)

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co-rec soccer thursday

So my co-rec soccer team is going to be short players thursday. We definitely need women subs and likely men as well. Already posted to craigslist, but if anyone is interested in playing 7pm thursday on a field turf field, let me know. No special membership cards required, just shoes and shin guards.

Team is mostly early 30s and we're in the lower divisions, but any age or skill level is welcome. I can probably work out a ride if transportation is an issue.

good cleaning services?

Any recommendations for a good cleaning service? I'm wanting to hire a housecleaner for a one-time job to clean a friend's empty apartment after she moves (she's had surgery and can't do it herself). It would need to be someone that could do it on a Saturday (Aug. 5th), any recommendations are appreciated!
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Production Asst. Job available for the next 2 days

Friend of mine is looking for some help on a commercial shoot for the next two days. These are 18 hour days and is a paying job. The more experience you have working on the set of a film or commercial, the better. They only need one person I believe.

If you are interested email me asap at enemyplanet @ gmail.com and I will get you the info for who to contact for this.

Crossposted this at seattlejobs, but thought I would post here as I know some people here have or do work in this field, or at least know someone who does.

good luck!

In case you were wondering...

most graffiti in Seattle is not gang related.

KOMO has been doing this series about preventing gang violence in Puget Sound neighborhoods and they reported this:

For decades, graffiti has been one way gangs leave their mark, making clean-up the number one goal of the Seattle Police Department. There's just one problem. Of the heaviest hit graffiti spots like the University District and Capital[sic] Hill, very rarely is the vandalism done by gangs. Daniel Sims says gang markings declare the name of the group, and are used to take over neighborhoods. Something that is happening here? "Not in Seattle," Sims tells KOMO.
Matter of fact, Frazier says that in seven years of clean-up, he's only seen three gang markings. This graffiti, it seems, is coming from everyone but gangs. Members may be marking their territory with gunfire and violence, but they're not using spray paint cans.

URL: http://komonews.com/news/story.asp?ID=44596

If you have taken any neat/interesting/good pictures of tags/graffiti in Seattle, would you like to share them in this thread? Thanks!
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First aid classes?

I need to take a class that covers first aid and CPR for infants/children, adults as a bonus. Ideally on the Eastside. Any recommendations? I know Evergreen Hospital and the Red Cross offer them but the times they have in the next month or two are not ideal. Any other suggestions?

ICGATM, etc.


TV: Seattle: HDTV

I looked in memories and tags, and came up empty.

My question: HDTV - how do you get the HD signal?

Over the Air/Off the Air antenna?




What has been your experience?

Right now, I have an antenna going in - and can see channel 4, as well as channel 7, and some sub channels -

What the heck is with showing the Airport drive up lanes?

Is there a listing of the programs on the various channels?

Thank you!