July 23rd, 2006

Lost stars

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I was NOT impressed with the way HOB handled the concert this evening. They did not start letting people in soon enough so we were not even inside the gate when Pearl Jam started. And the restrictions? Very odd and need i mention that the no blankets rule should have been posted WAY back when you first parked. If it hadnt been for word of mouth, we would have had to trudge a long way to take the blankets back to the car. Pearl Jam was good though even though it felt like it was about 110.

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Thank you everyone that had posted a comment on my Seattle fiasco...
I am planning on visiting the city sometime in August...
I am currently in school finishing up my BA in Art (graphic design & painting)...
I'm also a Member Service Supervisor and thinking of looking at jobs around the Admin area, possibly even bookkeeping...
I plan on one day becoming a teacher and would like to know more about the requirements for teaching at a public school in seattle..

thank you once again for your kind posts...


I am looking for an old-school photobooth. No digital, no one photo polaroid-size. I want 4 photos, b&w or color.

IGACTM. Per a Google search, I saw that the Showbox was listed as a place. Is it still there and if so, do you have to be inside the venue or is it in a pre-ticket lobby area?

Thanks in advance.

Developing old film

'Sup muh Seagros. Be all needin' your advice.

I found some film that's about 10 years old in the back of a file cabinet. Any images on it are likely to be murky if developed by a machine. Where in the city would you take film like this to be developed - by hand, by someone who gives a shit because he's paid to?