July 22nd, 2006


Red Sox Saturday 1:05

Anyone want 1 extra FREE ticket to the game? I have an extra. First comment FTW, but you have to be able to go. It is a shitty seat (bleachers) but I figure I'll just wander around on the first floor the whole time.

A++ Insurance Recommendation!

I was in a car accident about a week and a half ago. Some kid hit me, to the tune of $1300. I have been dealing directly with his insurance company (not mine)--AIG, to get my car fixed. They have been AMAZING. The experience has been even better than I would have imagined a "good experience" to be. They got me in with an estimate no problem, quickly, set up the payments for the repairs, paid for a rental car for me for three day, replied to my phone calls, and they haven't once hassled me. I've basically not had to do anything but talk with them and their vendors about setting up appointments. I had to give an initial, recorded statement over the phone, but that was it.

I just want to send out a rec for them. I don't use them for as my insurance company (thought maybe now I will!?), but they've handled my case really well. In case anyone is looking for a recommendation, AIG. I've been very pleased with the way they handled my case.

That is all.
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I know, I know, a post about the heat. But I have a big test in my online class to study for, and I would love to find somewhere conducive to studying that's air-conditioned. I'm tempted to go to my office but that would suck.

thinking about moving to the rainy city...

hello, i'm new here, and i'd like a little open words from local seattle folks...

i'm thinking of moving to seattle... but i've never been there... tho' i've heard of great things and a mixture of bad from ppl...

i'd like to hear comments and expressive feelings on why and or why not i should move to seattle..

currently, i'm from L.A. ~ why i want to move is because its money draining... too high of a living and i'm tired of just bearly making it. i really like new york, but the same issue there...

my gf, really like seattle, she wants to move there.. but i still need to know more about this place... what's the great points, as well as the not so great points so i can weigh my options.
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One Pearl Jam Ticket for tonight
$40 GA

I am leaving soon, so if you want it, call me and I can maybe meet you in Ellensburg (I will be stopping off there) or come it get it if I haven't taken off

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Its a Style Swap party! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Summer is here, so lets have a summer-time styleswap with a picnic! There will be face painting and Parachute games hosted by Roro The clown rorotheclown and Trixie. To end everything there will be a waterballoon fight!

Be sure to bring some snacks, napkins, whatever you can bring to the picnic. Dont forget a wetsuit or clothes that you don't mind getting wet. Also, dont forget a towel to dry off with and clothes to trade and share!

Remember to RSPV :]

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Fremont Zombie #2


Date: Saturday, July 22, 2006

Meet: @ the Troll under the Aurora Bridge 7:30ish if you want to join the Zombies en mass on their way to the movie screening parking lot.

(Show up on time if you would like help with makeup and get ready with a group of "Shaun of the Dead" attendees.)

Time: arrival at the lot @ 8:00-8:30 ish
Film begins when it gets dark @ 9:15 or so.....

End Location: Fremont Outdoor Cinema
Phinney and 35th Seattle, WA
More Info: fremontoutdoormovies.com

The Fremont Outdoor Movie Theater is showing my personal inspiration for Zombie Walk.......Shaun of the Dead tonight. It's a wickedly funny spoof film. The coordinators of F.O.M.T asked me to invite all the Zombie freaks I know. (There is alot of milling space) This is the call. So......Rise up you undead brethren! Get on your Zombie get-up, take a bus, and come on down!

$5.00 admission.
* You may want to bring something to sit on (other than asphalt) and a picnic meal (so you are not tempted to eat the children).

For more info check:

Air conditioning alternatives that work

Hey folks, checked memories, did a more than cursory google, and trying to figure out how to keep cool in town (for those of us without central air conditioning).

Last summer, we borrowed a windowbox air conditioner from a friend and it did a super job in at least keeping a bedroom cold (which was all we needed to sleep).

This year, we are looking into either getting one of those (in the $300 range, ouch!) or getting a "swamp cooler." I believe I saw an ad for one of these in a recent Fry's circular.

This is the kind of thing I'm looking at, anyone know if these work well in Seattle? They specifically suggest that they don't work well in places with high humidity...

Alternately: Suggestions on places to get a windowbox unit cheap? (We'd really rather not vent, so this isn't ideal...)

Current plan: Hide in the basement and find excuses to hang out in the mall tomorrow.

Underage Music/Dance

I have a sixteen-year-old niece here from out of town and I'd like to take her to a cool all-ages show/dance/rave of some kind. I found The Stranger's all-ages page, but I know that some venues make separate spaces for over-21 and under-21, and I prefer to take her somewhere where we can hang together. (Although I suppose I could go be in the underage area, and be like the old person.) Anyone know anything about the shape of different all-ages venues, and anyone have any suggestions about good events in the next week?
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Futon for Sale!

Hey all,

I'm needing to sell my futon, and pretty quickly, too. Must be out by Tuesday night!

I'm asking $100 for it, I bought it used last summer from my friend, and she had it for about 3 years. It's a black metal frame with a navy-blue cushion. I put a lavender fitted sheet to match my decor. Makes a pretty decent bed (I used it as such for 6 months), everything is original, nothing is broken. It really is a great little futon, I'm just getting a couch from my parents, and they will be here on Wednesday, hence the rush.

Please comment or email me ASAP if you are interested. First come, first served. Oh, and if you buy, you must move - it won't fit in my VW Golf!

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Cross-posted to my LJ and craigslist.

edit: No gay sex has been had on this mattress. Only kinky straight sex!
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Why you should buy from Petco

If you are like me and flinch a little every time you walk inside a large chain store like Petco, I will give you a good reason to flinch a little less.

I was talking with a woman who helps run a Seattle cat shelter last weekend, and she told me she makes a run down to Petco's distribution warehouse every month to pick up hundreds of pounds of cat litter and cat food.

When bags are broken in shipping they save them for pet shelters instead of throwing them away like Petsmart.

I say that's pretty cool. I, for one, will be shopping Petco for my non-independent pet store needs.

(Sorry for the crossposting, but I think it's worth spreading the news... Don't you?)