July 21st, 2006

Dear Fremont...

Due to a series of highly unfortunate events this evening, a good friend of mine discovered that her purse was missing after visiting the Burn pit on the canal (down by the statuary).

This is, under normal circumstances, could be considered a bummer- perhaps even a royal pain in the ass. In this instance, it's pretty damn near tragic. This was not just your everyday fashion accessory- this everyday fashion accessory contained an extremely expensive (not to mention desperately needed) bottle of heart medication.

My friend is by no means well-off (or even comfortable, by most standards. Did I mention it's really expensive?). She has to take this medication daily in order to stay alive. We believe that the purse was stolen during some chaos started by a sprinkler system (long story).

I realize that this is a huge pain, but if you live or work in the area please take a moment as you walk by your garbage can or dumpster to glance in and see if there's a black purse/bag... a bottle of pills (most important), ID/Bank cards (nifty, but the pills would be better). I'm sure some sort of reward could be worked out, but even if you don't find it- it's one of those things that takes a second out of your day to help someone else.

Thanks in advance for checking.

(no subject)

I looked in the memories section and saw entries about cell phone providers but not actual cell phones.

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a new phone from Verizon recently and want to know what kind and if they love it or hate it. I have been hearing a lot of people say they hate they RAZR, but everyone seems to have one.

If you would let me know that would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

i need to find a good deal on the cheapest possible airfare from seattle to portugal (lisbon).
the online sites i've tried are not yielding very good results.
can you recommend a local travel agent who is adept at
finding good airfare deals?

thanks in advance. :)
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Cruise West

Has anyone worked for Cruise West?  I have a phone interview next week for a customer service representative.  If you've worked for the company, how is it?  I don't know if the job will require me to be on a boat or not, the job description was a little vague.  Thanks!

Renton Vet Suggestions?

Hello Folks,

I am hoping someone can assist. I just brought home this little buddy last night:

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I know right! So cute!

Anyhow, I checked the memories, and while people have asked for suggestions for Seattle vets, I am hoping someone can reccomend a vet in or around Renton.

Thanks in advance!
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Random park

I had some time to kill today and wandered up the waterfront to the Elliot Bay Park Myrtle Edwards park. This is what the new Sculpture Park will eventually connect to. I was part way through the park on my bicycle when something caught my eye. Along most of the waterfront, someone stacked rocks and pieces of driftwood. Some are amazing. Some are basically just stacks of rocks. I didn't discriminate, I took photos of everything. Here are some of them:
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This was copy pasted directly from my website, thus the comments that go with the photos. Does anyone else know much about this park? Does the person (or people) responsible do it all year long? I already have friends from out of state begging to go there when they come up in the following months.
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Pearl Jam

So I have one ticket to Pearl Jam for tomorrow night (someone backed out last minute)
$40, GA
Show starts at 7pm at the Gorge.
Please contacting me ASAP if you want it, show is sold out.