July 20th, 2006

carpet installation

In the process of remodeling our house, we've been given a large roll of carpet - big enough to put in our upstairs office. I've come to a dead end trying to find someone to install it. The places I've contacted want to sell me their carpet, then offer installation as well (fancy that). Anybody know of a general handyman or carpet installation person that will put in pre-purchased carpet? We'd still need to purchase padding that goes underneath.
We're in the Greenwood area.


(Checked the memories... didn't see much in the way of carpet-specific stuff.)

car wash?

so, city search appears to be down at the moment, and i am in need of some help in finding a car wash somewhere around the u-district. it's okay if its a little bit out of the way as my car and a friends car are ridiculously dirty.

any help??

Wanted: Wardrobe for "Aardvarks on a Tank"

Looking for some special wardrobe for a shoot this Sunday for the "Blanks on a Blank" contest (blanksonablank.com). Anyone providing assistance will be included in the credits and will receive a copy of the finished film.

1. Two matching camouflage shirts/jackets as might be worn by soldiers in the field (can be hunting gear).

2. A "general's" uniform and hat - basically, a MacArthur-like hat and a military dress jacket.

3. Two cowboy hats, one white, one dark.

Please email aardvarksonatank@gmail.com. Thanks!

Selling my '95 Honda Shadow

$3,700, '95 Honda Shadow ACE VT1100 $3,700 Great!

30,000 miles, good mechanical condition, dirty.

Extras include: Forward controls, Windshield, Removable Cargo area.

Sale forced by loss of job, I love this bike.

Never wrecked, but was accidentally knocked over once and has some scrapes from that episode.

Any reasonable offer will be considered.

(I only came close to having gay sex on this bike, but I *did* seduce several people using it!)

Neighborhood help

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the community and soon-to-be new to Seattle as well. I checked the memories but couldn't find anything related to my specific situation... and was wondering if you could help.

We're moving on August 7th to the area....I am going to be working in Bellevue and my boyfriend will be working in Everett. We're looking to buy a condo/townhome/single-family house or whatever we can find for our price range (we have a month to look around) but our main question right now is regarding where to look. I have heard all the horror stories about Seattle traffic (and have experienced a bit of it when I've visited) and while we're not opposed to driving (since we're adamant about living IN Seattle and not on the eastside), we'd love to pick a neighborhood in Seattle that would give us a shorter commute. I have gone to neighborhood sites for Seattle but there are just so many to choose from and I know I'll be missing some of the less obvious ones if I don't ask / some easy traffic routes as well.

So, are there specific neighborhoods you'd recommend for people commuting to Bellevue and Everett? That are in Seattle? (And, if you know of them first-hand, what do you like about them?)

Thanks so much! :)

Edit:  Wow, here's what I learned about the seattle community in the first few moments of my membership:  1) You get quick responses!  2) There is certainly a diversity of opinions out there -- which is a good thing.  3) OP means original poster.  (Took a while).  Thanks for your suggestions -- keep them coming.   And, also, regarding the eastside: we just have some family we'd really like to be close to in Seattle / I used to live in Montreal and now I'm living in a suburban community in Colorado and I would just like to get back to city living for a few years / a few other reasons, so our one non-negotiable is living in Seattle proper; we will, of course, have to negotiate comfort of living house-wise and have shitty shitty drives to our suburban workplaces, but that's okay.  We are also willing to take the bus / vanpools / anything else we can to lessen the commute. Thanks for all your opinions & suggestions! 
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i am moving from vermont to seattle in the fall - and am currently working as a PCA (personal care attendant) for an autistic child through a state funded group called ARIS. Basically it is a service provided by the state to give respite to families who have kids with disabilities - special learning needs. Is there something similar to this in washington?