July 18th, 2006

Restart of monorail service delayed

(from the Seattle PI)

The resumption of Monorail service was delayed this morning after final checks of the trains "found some additional safety issues that need to be resolved," Seattle Monorail Services official said.

The monorail, owned by Seattle Center, has been shut down since its two trains sideswiped each other in a curve above Olive Way last Nov. 26. Repairs were essentially completed by this week with the help of craftsmen at the Seattle Opera but a press conference scheduled for today has been delayed until all safety checks are done, said company director Tom Albro.

He did not specify what the safety issues were and efforts to immediately obtain details were unsuccessful.

"We had a couple of last-minute things happen that caused us to want to err on the side of caution," said company partner Stuart Rolfe, who said he could not provide further details.

Albro said an announcement will be made about re-starting the 44-year-old system when the safety checks are completed. The company and the city, which owns the center, had said repairs and upgrades of the trains from the November accident were expected to be complete by next month. Albro said the company "anticipates it can meet or beat that deadline within the anticipated budget."

Weekend Dancing

Is there any 80s/alternative dancing to be had in Seattle on a Friday or Saturday night? The only clubs that I can think of that might come close are the Vogue and Noc Noc. But I'll be taking a crew of non-goths, so those might not be the best venues for this outing...
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Anyone know of any good criminal defense lawyers in the area? I need someone experienced and consistent, who is confident, and communicable. I also need someone that isnt going to destroy my wallet.

It's for an old warrant from back in 99/2000 for a midemeanor posession charge...it's honestly laughable...however note to everyone...don't get caught with with 1/10th of a joint in Redmond.

Animal Shelters?

Hey all

We're from overseas and after moving to our new house one week ago, our cat went missing on Saturday night. I tried the usual stuff like flyers and talking to neighbors. No success.

I googled for Animal Shelters, but I don't understand the system here in Seattle/King County. There seem to be such a number and variety of different animal shelters that I am not sure where to start searching (we are living in the Redmond/Ames Lake area).

Is there not some kind of centralized regional animal shelter (similar to the SPCA in other countries) where somebody would go to drop an animal that they found? If someone found a cat, would they select whatever shelter they fancy?

Can anyone give recommendations for our search?

Thanks in advance! Click here to see a photo of Collapse )
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Tehillim, Tzedaka, and Torah for Isreal

July 19th, 6pm, at Congregation Shaarei Tefillah Lubavitch. We will be reciting Tehillim, giving Tzedaka and Torah learning on behalf our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel. This call is in conjunction with other rabbis of our community and we will be G-d willing, joining with hundreds of thousands of our people, world wide at this time.

Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch
6250 43rd Ave. NE
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Used book sale

Horizon Books on 15th is having a pretty big sale for a used book store. 50% off books marked under $15. They are open until 8pm Mon-Sat, with hours on Sunday, though I didn't check when they were. There's another part of the sale too, I think a certain percentage off books $16-$30, though I can't say for sure. I just picked up 6 books for $15.

425 15th Ave E, Seattle, 98112 - (206) 329-3586 They are in an old house located across the street from the QFC on 15th Ave.
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Chinese take-out at Safeway...

Someone just posted about the soul food at their Safeway. But I'm looking for any Safeway in the Seattle area or very close by that has Chinese take-out. I know there's one in Redmond as I was just there last Sunday and there's one in/near Bothell. But I'm wondering if there's one here?

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