July 17th, 2006


parking in capitol hill

last week i accidently left my doors unlocked in my car, and the next morning i came out to everything inside rummaged through... although nothing was missing except for about a dollar or so in change.

after talking about this with a few people, i found that it is actually common for others to leave their doors unlocked, in hopes that if someone is going to go through their car, at least they wont break a window.

however, the downside is that it can be common to come out to your to find someone sleeping in it (or worse, pee, poo, sex, etc) and in that sense, I am concerned...

so... what do you do?
keep your doors locked or unlocked? unlocked with the club? locked with hope?

Dita Von Teese at the Triple Door!!!

Well it figures that this one-night-only event would have to take place the same time as a friend's wedding so I won't be able to make it, but if anyone has even a remote interest in catching a hell of a burlesque show, this is one not to miss. Dita Von Teese is coming to the Triple Door!!!

(following from the Atomic Bombshells newsletter)

That's right, the internationally adored Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese,
will be appearing with Seattle's own burlesque superstars, The Atomic
Bombshells in a very special ONE NIGHT ONLY ENGAGEMENT at the Triple Door
Theater! THIS IS THE BURLESQUE EVENT OF THE YEAR! Dita will be performing
her world famous "Martini Glass" act, as well as a dazzling NEW ACT never
before seen in Seattle! And of course, The Atomic Bombshells will be wowing
with their patented brand of New Orleans shimmy shake!

Hosted by SPECIAL GUEST STAR MC ......BING WHEELER of "Big Wheel Bingo"

Get your tickets NOW at www.thetripledoor.net, 206.838.4333 (25$ ADV, 28$ DAY

WHAT: Dita Von Teese with The Atomic Bombshells
WHERE: The Triple Door, 216 Union St., Seattle
WHEN: Saturday, July 22, 7 AND 10 pm

The Atomic Bombshells
"Duck and Cover...You are about to be Blown Away!"

Getting wedding photos developed

A couple of months ago there was a post about where to get prints made and the obvious choice was ivey.com.

Now, I'm leaning towards that, but is there any other more accessable place (aka off the internet) to get my prints made? (I usually get mine printed at Ritz, would that be alright?)

They are for a wedding, so a place that offers package deals on enlargements would be great too. Oh, and tips on shooting weddings would be awesome! (it's my first, if you couldn't tell)

thank you Seattle community. don't fail me now!
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Watch Repair Recommendation

I just inherited my great-grandfather’s pocket watch, and I would really like to see it functioning again.  I’m looking for a jeweler that specializes in antique watch repair, and would be sensitive to the sentimental attachment.  Checked memories(nothing relivent) and Google, looking for a personal recommendation.

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Downtowner Apartments? International District.
4th Ave St/Jackson St. - anyone know what the management is like? how lively/loud or dead/quiet the place is? 240 unit housing with two good online recommendations so far. Wondered if anyone here has anything else to add.

Seattle Air quality? I'm a bit puzzled, because on paper it doesn't look very good yet there seems to be a large healthy biking/walking/outdoors community. I live in Atlanta and the air here has given me severe asthma; I'm looking for a more lung-friendly place. Well that and grad school...

Thanks for any info you can provide!
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Tourists and safety.

I come to you, people of seattle for some advice.
Sort of.

I'm planning on doing a nice little touristy trip to Seattle in a few weeks. I'll be staying downtown, near all the fun attractions; and I'll be traveling by myself. And my family won't shut up about it. Yes, I'm female. Yes, I don't have a concealed carry permit. But I also live in a sketchy area of Philadelphia, and I've done really well with that. I travel in NYC, DC and Chicago by myself with no ill effects. I'm good with public transit and can parse any transit map available. But my mom keeps screeching about crime and how horrible Seattle is. No statistic will shut her up, either.

Your murder rate is lower than Philly's.
Your assault rate is lower than Philly's.
Your rape rate is lower than Philly's.
(Burglary, larceny, and auto related crimes are higher, though.)

Is Seattle really that unsafe? Should I be rethinking this decision?


Does anyone here know of pilates classes (with wooden reformers, not just mat stuff) near Bothell or Woodinville? The only ones I've ever attended were with Pacific Northwest Ballet in downtown Seattle... a little too far to go for lunch. Thanks in advance!
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Home is Where the Heart Is

Let's talk about picking an apartment.

Ok, wait.

Let me tell you about picking an apartment.

And beg for advice. I know it's a little excessive to broadcast this load-and-clear, but I'm stumped and in a bind. (I need to know someitme this week and work isn't going to stop for me to find a place to live...) The movers need to know where to put my stuff, and to do that,I need to know where to put my stuff.

I need to find a place soon, and while there's not a shortage of them in this town (40-odd posts to craigslist.com daily), that still hasn't made it easy. My former apartment was quant but old. The windows had a lot of cobwebs. The floors were uneven. The walls were uneven. Doors were missing.

(That last one is my fault.)

This has led me to a new standard in living, which I want to uphold: the Nice Apartment. Even walls. Doors. Windows without cracks and creaks. You know the type.

Unfortunately, I'd also like to live in a part of town where you're not perpetually alone. Shacks and log cabins need not apply.

This led me to look for places on Capitol Hill, Seattle's "gay district", which isn't any gayer than my last residence. Not entirely why people think you should be freaked out when you walk down Broadway. I mean, the man with the rainbow beard is a really nice guy.

So, I've looked at two different apartments today, and I've come to an impasse. I like both places for different reasons, and find that I need to choose between them. Here's what I have:

Yeeehaw Rustic Awesomeness

  • Recently rennovated and looks really nice on the inside.
  • Third floor with an ok view
  • Manager that tried to sell me the place, but not too hard. Spent more time talking about geology and let me do my own evaluation. Answered my questions and then gave me directions to my next apartment showing. (Which I got lost, but that's not his fault.) He doesn't seem to be in it for the money.
  • I had a good vibe about this place. I liked it.

  • Bad
  • Smallish: 650ft^2 (smaller than the below)
  • No laundry room.
  • 200 bucks more a month than the other place.

  • Mediocre
  • Off-street non-garage parking.

  • It's Shrugsville Baby

  • Laundry Room
  • Cheaper by 200 bucks
  • Bigger: 750ft^2
  • Losts of storage. I mean, storage out the wazoo. Five closets and an out-of-apartment storage area.
  • On-site Laundry
  • Garage parking

  • Bad
  • Ground Floor in a ok neighborhood. Bars on the window. Prison style.
  • Property manager didn't seem excited to show it to me.

  • Mediocre
  • I didn't have a vibe for this place. It was just a place. Not great. Not even good. Not anything.

  • So, here's the question: would you pay 200 bucks more a month and have to do off-site laundry for a good feeling? The money isn't much of an issue (I can afford more than this, too..) and off-site laundry is a good way to meet some interesting people, but....yeah. Not convienent. Advice?