July 16th, 2006

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My boyfriend and I are coming to Seattle in September, the 14th-16th to be exact, to celebrate our 21st birthdays. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on some fun things to do in town, and good bars to go to! Especially ones with good comedians! Also, restaurants, shopping, and anything fun outside of the norm... space needle, pikes place, etc. I know I can look this up online, but I thought some local insight would provide more interesting results. Thanks!
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thoughts on speakeasy?

checked the memories, and they seem to offer good advice, though a couple years or so old.

background: recently had comcast come out and flick on the cable and cable internet. in the past not-quite-a-month, i've put in about 20 calls to fix the internet (yes, the tubes be broken, savvy?). they're "working on it". by working on it, they apparently mean i am supposed to be okay with speeds that fluctuate between 11mbps (wtf? is that possible?) down to -187kbps (even more wtf?!), but usually settle around 300kbps or less.

edited to add: i forgot to mention, i have to re-set the modem about every 20 minutes in order to keep the speed above NOTHING. which means i can't easily use my router (which they don't know i have. i pop straight into the computer whenever i call in).

what i want to know: seriously considering speakeasy. i have heard mostly good things about their service. the price seems high, so i wish to know if it is really worth it.

if it helps to know, i'm actually down in auburn, but i already checked speakeasy's website for onelink/naked dsl availability down here. my neighbour has qwest dsl coming into his place, so i don't expect i'd have issues getting set up.

of course, if there's another dsl service that could be better, let me know. and also, if i go with speakeasy, my referal is already spoken for. sorry!
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block party

this is my first summer in seattle, so after hearing all the hype...

is the (friday night) capitol hill block party worth it? will i actually get to "see" the bands i want to see... or is it a gross shoulder-to-shoulder fest? should i take my friends coming in from out of town that weekend, or should we just skip it and go on with our touristy ways?

oh, and is there beer at the block party event?


[edit/add]: are cameras allowed into the block party site?

How to find an apartment or house in Seattle

Here is how you find a house, apartment, condo, or cardboard box to live in when you decide that you are going to move somewhere in Seattle site unseen. Personally I suggest that instead of moving here site unseen, you take the time to do some real planning. For example we have many Hotels and Motels here, and some of them are even affordable. Why don't you check in to one of them for a week while you look for neighborhoods and housing that you like. Now this is just my crazy brain here, but I'd think that might be a little more geared for success than asking complete strangers on the internet what they think is best for you.

Want an apartment?

http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/WA-Seattle.html - Look, reviews for housing!

Want a house? You could do what most normal Americans do and work with a real estate agent or other professional proxy to find what fits you. But if you insist on relying on the internet...


And of course, there are listings that are good for nearly any type of goods and services in Seattle, including housing.


But I'm moving to Seattle site-unseen! I'm moving on a shoestring budget and can't afford to come visit first, yet have enough money to be choosy about the neighborhood I want! How will I know if there are serial murderers wandering through any given neighborhood?

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Apartment Search!

I am about to move to the Seattle area, and would like a little help... I am looking for a reasonably-priced non-ghetto apartment that will allow me to have my chihuahuas, preferrably with a washer/dryer, and within a reasonable commute to Bellevue.

Any/all suggestions will be appreciated!
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Need a room?

Well, I'm moving (yet again) but that means I'll be leaving behind my two beautiful rooms in sunny Ballard behind for the urban streets of Capital Hill. Of course, that means, they'll need occupants! It's a 5-bedroom craftsman style home, occupied by two lovely housemates (who are 25 & 26, a guy and a girl), two cute orange tabby cats, with hardwood floors & a great kitchen to boot.

It's an extremely laid back, awesome house in a quiet residential neighborhood and the only reason I'm moving is to be closer to work. You'll probably see me around some because I've become good friends with these people in the time that I've stayed here. The rooms are great sizes; I rented two of them so I could have an office room. Rent is $400/month + utils, which include cable/internet.

One room could be avail at the begininng of August and the other definitely on August 15th.

E-mail or comment if interested. illgoest@gmail.com.
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sorry again for the noise

I've changed my mind. Have at it. I've removed myself as well.

If you have problems with this community, I suggest you unsubscribe. It's just the internet, after all.

I'd appreciate it if the maintainers in the future would arrange things such that I don't have to hear about problems in the future.
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baked samon... how do i?

Technically, its a 6 pound trout, but it may as well be a salmon. What is the simplest way (i'm a guy) to tastily cook this yummy gift.

I'm tempted to just stick it in foil with butter and onions and hope for the best, but this is seattle and i know someobody must know a simple way to cook a BIG whole (headless) trout.
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Petites clothing, and lj searching?

Ok, so let me preface by saying I KNOW this has been asked before, a few times, but the entries were apparently not tagged or placed in memories, and I cant find them :[ I know, I know, I am a horrible horrible person who doesnt deserve to be on the internets.

I am trying to remember what stores were suggested as good options for a great Petites selection, geared for those in their early 20s. Most stores do carry some petites, but they usually are pretty lame/crappy. Ann Taylor is the only one I can think of right now.

And while I'm here... I am also wondering if anyone on this board happens to know of any program or script type things to search lj specifically, so that I could avoid the above situation in the future? For example, to search this community for things that were never tagged/memor-ied. I know I have seen a couple amatuer versions here and there in the past few years (they werent great but better then nothing), but I stupidly didnt save them anywhere.
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Dim Sum

We're planning on taking a few friends out for Dim Sum on Sunday. Where is the best place to go? We're hoping for somewhere in the International District, but we're willing to check out other places. I did find this post recommending a place in Fremont, but I'm hoping for a few more choices.

Long live the lulz!