July 15th, 2006


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I'm trying to find a rental house, and am having the worst luck! everything on craig's list has 50 people fighting for the same house, and all the ones online at seattletimes.com see, to be expired by the time I get to them.

Does anyone know of better places to look?

Thanx for the help, and have a great day!
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My husband and I have decided that we'll be moving to Seattle (yay!). I've been reading through some of the memories posts for this community and have noticed that some date back to 2003 and are pretty bleak concerning the availability of jobs.  Is this still true? 

Also, are there any neighborhoods we should avoid living in (we have to get our first apartment blind)?

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Visitor Questions

Does anyone know where to find information about public transportation? I will be staying in a hotel somewhere around downtown (up to 20 miles away) and I want to choose which hotel based on how easy it will be to get around. If you know of maps, bus fares, cab fares or if there is something like a shuttle/trolly service can you let me know? TIA!

Help with neighborhoods

Hi Seattleites.

My husband is interviewing in Seattle (we are in Eugene, OR now) next Friday. He has a decent shot so it looks like we may be moving up soon. I'm hoping some of you can answer a few questions...

We have a six year old so I'd like a more family oriented and less crack oriented neighborhood. HOWEVER, not super yuppy. I've been researching and Fremont sounds pretty good. What's the commute like to downtown Seattle? We are just people, I guess. We're not total hippies and definitely not yuppies. I am an artist and he is a nice attorney. I looked at Alki but it seems less neighborhoody and maybe not so family friendly. It's hard to tell from just reading descriptions. Any other suggestions? Thanks for reading!