July 14th, 2006


Does anyone know where I can purchase 13 gallon biobags in the greater Seattle area?  These are the true bio degradable plastic bags.  I can order them online, but need them right away.


Doctor, doctor

Can anyone recommend a clinic/doctor on or near Capitol Hill?

I have a worsening sore throat and need me some urgent care, but would like to pick a place I can establish a long-term relationship with. Group Health is not in my plan's network.

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attn procrastinators:

day two of the capitol hill block party is sold the eff out.

so, um, anyone have an extra ticket?

also, today is the last day to get discounted presale bumbershoot tickets. go here: http://bumbershoot.org/presale/ & use "VIVAVERA" as the promotional code. $50 for a three day pass instead of $80, a pretty sickkkkkkk deal.
  • memeka


Does anyone use the drinking fountains in Seattle anymore? Or just buy water when it's hot out? Just curious - some of them look more like pissoirs.
  • _pele_

Jury Duty

Has anyone been successful with being excused from jury duty with King County Superior Court? I know that some courts/counties are more forgiving when it comes to being excused for financial hardship, and I am curious about this one.

  • sebab

GSM cell phone question

Hi! My partner is leaving to fly to Germany early tomorrow mornng and will be there for only a few days. At the last minute, he decided that he'd like to rent a cell phone while there, but obviously there isn't time now to have a company overnight one to him.

Does anyone know of a store here where he could rent a GSM phone? The closer to Maple Leaf and/or Greenwood, the better, and obviously they'd probably have to be open later than 5pm.

(We realize that he could rent one in the destination airport, but the cost may be prohibitive)

Thank-you very much!

ETA: OK, he's going ot have to rent in Germany, looks like. Thanks to the person who replied with possible help, but J doesn;t have a GSM phone.

Garage Sale

Garage sale this weekend!

A bunch of us el jayers (myself, crankygirlie, iheartiheart, eric7272), our neighbors and our family are getting together to have a garage sale this weekend. It's going to have a bunch of stuff; bicycles, rollerblades, skis, aquarium stuff (special note to girlpirate: hurry up you still have first dibs) like small tanks and small submersible heaters and other stuff, new clothing, books, I do believe there'll be a metal detector, some depression glass (moonstone), office chairs, tools... Yeah, there's going to be a lot of crazy crap.

Saturday, 9a-5pm and Sunday 10-2p
12020 31st Ave NE 98125

A block off Lake City Way behind the Mieko's Gym.

Yard Sale whooo hoooo!

Yard Sale Saturday and Sunday
7/15 and 7/16
10am to 5pm
316 20th Ave.
Seattle, WA

In the central district 3 1/2 blocks north of yesler

Furniture, books, vhs movies, clothing, kitchen stuff, all kinds of great stuff. One person's stuff is another person's treasure!

there are not mattresses for sale though...
The Almighty D
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Tanqueria Express no more?

Visited Taqueria Express last night for cheap mexi. Or tried to - place was dark and a landlord sign for rent. All the chairs / tables / kitchen still looked intact. But if this is the end it will be missed, best cheap mexican food on Broadway if not in the city.

Creating contacts or gathering info

Hello my name is Betsy and I am a Makeup artist (SFX, beauty and character) I am looking to find out if there are or if anyone knows of anything in the seattle area pretaining to Special Effects Makeup or any sort of work that i can get in the city for this line of work.

I just recently graduated from Makeup Designary in Burbank Califoria.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking