July 13th, 2006


Bollywood Music Vids

Can I get some recommendations for Bollywood films? I'd especially like to know where to find all the sexy music video clips they play at the Baltic Room on Bollywood night. Thanks in advance. :)
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Suzuki Maintenance

I'm looking at buying a used GSXR with about 15k miles on it. There's some standard maintenance that's generally done on a bike around 15-16 thousand miles. I don't believe this has been done. So I'm looking for someone I could take it to that won't rip me off. I don't know a lot about bike maintenance, and I don't want to get sold shit I don't need. There's the suzuki dealer on aurora near Beth's, and without any other direction I'd probably go there. But if you have experience with them or others, I'm looking for some advice.

Bunch of posts in the memories on auto, but nothing on bikes aside from a discussion about scooters from the Ducati dealership.


Barrier Volvo Dealership

do not take your volvo to Barrier volvo dealership in Bellevue. They are scammers!!
the volvo dealership wanted 560 to fix my f-ing steering wheel module. I didnt trust them. took it home. took cables off battery and put them together to create loop for my large volvo network. did not fix. pulled panel off fusebox by driver side door. pulled swm fuse #22 out waited three minutes pushed it back in. WAALAAH blinkers for free. still had to pay volvo dealership $176 for them to misdiagnose my car (okay I had a oil change too).
As I waited there I overheard them charging people for things that they tried to say was wrong with my car too. They are scammers!

Saturday Activity

Get Inside the Mansions on Capitol Hill Get an insider's peek at how the other half lives, in this tour of 18 homes located on Federal and 10th avenues east, between Aloha and Lynn streets. A fund-raiser for the Seattle Architecture Foundation and the nearby Gage Academy of Art, the tour will also include an open house of the academy. Tour begins at the Gage Academy parking lot, 1501 10th Ave. E. 206-667-9184, www.seattlearchitecture.org. $25. Noon–5 p.m. Sat., July 15.
  • max_j

auto service for a jeep?

I checked through the memories, but I didn't see anything that addressed what I'm looking for.

I recently moved to this area from the east coast, and drove my Jeep Wrangler out here when I moved. So, after putting another 4500 miles on my car, I need an oil change, and I'd like someone to just generally look over the car to make sure everything's ok with it.

I live in Bellevue, so I'm looking for something in that general area. I'm looking for recommendations for a place that 1. won't rip me off, 2. won't mess up anything on my car, and 3. could be somewhere I'd take my Jeep for regular maintenance. It doesn't have to be bottom-of-the-barrel cheap, but I'd prefer somewhere that isn't the most expensive in the area. Also, if anyone knows anything about Eastside Chrysler Jeep (126 - 116th Ave NE in Bellevue) or the other Jeep dealers in the area, please let me know.

So please, any recommendations, or any warnings about places I should avoid. Thanks, everyone!

Anyone else's internet acting weird?

I use Millennium for my cable modem, and have a wireless router for the record.

Yet, at least one other person with a non-millennium ISP has also been encountering very crappy internet connectivity for the last two weeks or so. I tried it with a wired connection and still had the problem. It seems mostly centered on web activity, but after a while everything craps out.

Since throttling and the "tiered" internet is all the talk lately, I was just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing weirdness before I start pulling all my gear apart.