July 12th, 2006

honey badger

Free fucking couch.

This got flagged and deleted from CL last night, so this is in case it happens again.

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Edit: I made a "clean" post over at CL, but I'd put money on it not staying around. You can see it here at my own journal where it will probably stay for as long as the couch (now undoubtedly wet) will stay on my front lawn.

Wiccan groups in Seattle

I am looking for a wiccan group that I could participate in. A group I could celebrate holidays and perform rituals and prayers with. I want a layed back open approach like my own. I'm not into the mystical side or the love potion thing. Just a good solid group that focuses on religion and spiritual growth. I have been practicing since 1998 and with a group at my college for the last four years, but now that I've graduated I can no longer participate with them. If think I might fit in your group or know of a public ceremony I might participate in please let me know. Even if you just have a list of groups I could contact, that would be helpful. Thanks.
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