July 11th, 2006


suggestions for activities with preteen and teen girls

Hi all,

I have two nieces from the Spokane area who I have come individually every summer for a weekend by themselves, and I'm starting to run out of ideas of things to do with them while they're here. I have set a parameter for my brother's five kids that they can come and visit once every year for a weekend starting the summer of the year they turn 10, and I'll pay for every visit before they turn 18. (I'm such a great uncle, right?)

This year, I have my eldest niece, Nikki, who will come the weekend of August 25-28, at which time she will be 14 years old. This year will be her fifth visit. Her younger sister, Becca, will come the weekend of July 21-24, and she will be 10, her second visit (she turns 11 in December).

So, by turns I will have a 14 year-old girl and a 10 year-old girl, both from a fairly conservative family (the reason, for example, I wouldn't have them over for Pride Weekend or take them to the Fremont Solstice Parade). I am looking for suggestions of things to do with these girls besides what I have already done or already plan to do, which includes all of the following:

*Monorail ride
*Space Needle
*Bank of America observation deck
*Picnic on Alki
*Picnic at Gasworks Park
*Woodland Park Zoo
*Seattle Aquarium
*Ferry ride
*IMAX Theatre
*Roller skating
*Ballard Locks
*See a play
*SummerStop Festival
*Enchanted Parks
*Mt. Rainier
*Mt. St. Helens
*Ride the Ducks
*Olympic National Forest

I'm actually not quite as concerned about Becca, as there are plenty of things I already did with Nikki that I can now take her to. The bigger challenge is Nikki, who will now be 14, and I'm starting to run out of new and interesting things to do with her when she visits.

If anyone has any suggestions for activities with a 14 year-old in the general Puget Sound area that are not in the above list, it would be most appreciated. I'd certainly appreciate suggestions for 10-year-olds too though. Thanks!

Seattle named one of 10 best cities in U.S. & Canada

Link to Article in Travel and Leisure Magazine

Seattle has been named the 10th-best city in the U.S. and the San Juan Islands are No. 5 on the list of top islands in Travel & Leisure magazine's 2006 World's Best Awards readers' survey.

It’s the second time Seattle has been included on Travel & Leisure's list of the Top 10 Best Cities in the U.S. and Canada. Seattle ranked No. 5 in 1999.
This year, New York is the Best City in the U.S. and Canada, while Florence was named World's Best City.

Top 10 list:

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. Chicago
4. Charleston, South Carolina
5. Santa Fe
6. Vancouver, B.C.
7. Quebec City
8. Victoria, British Columbia
9. Montreal
10. Seattle

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Checked the memories, nothing addressing specifically what I'm curious about...

I'm moving to an apartment that, God forbid, ISN'T wired for cable. I have Comcast right now, and despite a few outages here and there, consider it to be pretty good service. Plus, I'm able to get cable television, probably from someone else's apartment in the building, for free.

So, I need to find a good DSL company. I DON'T have a landline, and if there's a way that I can get high speed internet without a cable hookup or landline, that would be awesome. Plus, I would like to consider television packages, too, but just basic cable, nothing extravagant.

What companies out there offer (again, if possible) 1) HSI w/out a landline or cable hookup and 2) of these companies, which have cable television packages available, also.

Thank you in advance!!

Seattle places to give birth?


I'm in the process of moving to Seattle and I need to choose a place to give birth, as I'm currently pregnant. =) I know it would be good to get up there myself and check out hospitals/birthing centers, but I thought it would be great to narrow down the selection a bit from hearing about peoples' personal experience. (I checked "medical" memories and didn't see anything relating...)

Anyway - have you given birth/been present at a birth in Seattle? Is there a particular hospital or birthing center that is wonderful, or one that should be avoided at all costs? I'm looking for a place that will be flexible and allow choices - I'd love a hot tub/jacuzzi to be available during labor, I'd like to be able to walk during labor and choose my birth position and avoid interventions if possible. My insurance seems to cover a variety of medical facilities.

(Also I need to designate a doctor pretty much today so I can get my current medical records released smoothly... I am happy to not stick with that doctor, but it would be neat too if I found someone who I loved right away, so any doc/midwife suggestions are welcome as well!)

Thanks all!
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Employment, labor, ADA law attorneys

I know at least a few people in this community have had to take legal action on employment issues. I'm looking for recommendations on attorneys experienced with employment, labor, and hopefully ADA law. I'm attempting to determine whether I have enough evidence to pursue an unlawful dismissal charge relating to both FMLA and ADA. Thanks kids.

Coach Frames

Hello Seattle,

I need your help. Can anyone please tell me a vision clinic in or around Seattle that has Coach as one of their frame lines?

I have checked Google and the memories and sadly, I am not having any luck.

Thanks in advance!
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symphony in the city

So, I would really like to take my boyfriend out to the symphony on friday before we head out of the city again for a few weeks, but it seems the Seattle Symphony has nothing going on until the fall. Is there anywhere else I can look for classical/orchestrated/symphonic music in Seattle?? There is nothing going on at Benaroya Hall all week, but there has got to be some place else in town. I know this may be a long shot (silly short notice, spur of the moment type ideas), but if anyone could help out I'd be thrilled. Thanks!

Moving questions

My husband and I have to move out of California because we've lost our on campus housing (I graduated). We're debating between Las Vegas and Seattle.  So, how are things in Seattle? Better than Vegas? 

Help! (please!)
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car on roof

while walking down broadway yesterday i saw what appeared to be a lamborghini propped on top of the roof of the building that hairmasters[i'm not sure about this] is in. does anyone know why this car is on top of the building?