July 10th, 2006

Two Union Square


I am wondering if anyone of you might happen to work in the Two Union Square building, at 6th and Union downtown.

Starting in a couple of weeks, I'll be working there, and I'm really curious to know if there is a directory online for the building.

Mostly I'm interested in what kind of facilities are located in the building and surrounding shops. I'm interested in my options for lunch, and I'm really curious to know if there might be a gym in the building. It would be a lot to ask, but with what I've seen of the building in my 3 interviews, I'm impressed.

Thanks Seattle

West Seattle Summer Fest 2006

West Seattle’s premiere summer event!
Brought to you by West Seattle Junction Merchants
Friday, July 14 – Sunday, July 16

More information available here http://www.westseattlefestival.com/index.html

West Seattle Summer Fest is a FREE 3-day street fair, hosted by an organization of local area merchants, the West Seattle Junction Association. Now in it’s 24th year, West Seattle Summer Fest is host to dozens of bands, hundreds of merchants and artists, and over 30,000 attendees. Complete with food courts, beer gardens, and family activities, this is a true community celebration in the heart of West Seattle.

Friday and Saturday, July 14th & 15th - 10am til 8pm
Saturday Night Street Dance – 8pm
Sunday, July 16th - 10am til 6pm

The Festival encompasses most of the West Seattle Junction and the heart of the fair lies in the intersection of California Ave. SW & SW Alaska.
Entrance points are at:
California Avenue SW & SW Edmunds
California Avenue SW between SW Oregon & SW Genesee
SW Alaska & 42nd Ave SW
SW Alaska & 44th Ave SW

Mac's Critter Care

I've been a member of this community for a while now and I'm just now able to accept new Seattle clients for pet-care.

Anyone mentioning this communty and the offer will get 1/2 off my first pet-care visit. (The first "getting to know you" visit is always free.)

I'm reproducing my email solicitation below:

Dear Pet Lover:

If you must be away from your animal companions and they need in-home attention in your absence, whether just during the day while you are at work or for a longer period, please consider Mac's Critter Care.

My happy home is filled with furry and scaled creatures. For several years, I have served a few clients with their pet needs. Now I am available to serve a larger clientele. Let me help make your time away from home comfortable and relaxed, secure in the knowledge that your pets are safe and cared for.

For more information, see my Web page at http://www.macscrittercare.com or contact me directly.

Mac Lerch

Leaving Freebies

Where are the good and bad places to leave free stuff outside (furniture, appliances, miscellaneous yard sale rejects, etc)?

I know a couple from personal experience:

- Delridge Way, just past the WSB underpass: great place to get your stuff picked up. Stuff of barest baseline usability will seldom remain more than a day.

- N 85th street near Aroura: terrible for giveaways. A lovely vintage couch sat there for two days then was moved a block and broken, presumably by hoodlums *hikes up pants and shakes fist*. Now what was a perfectly good (albeit quite worn) couch has to go to the dump. RIP, you were taken before your time. (Hey, anyone want a nice old couch with all back legs broken and cushions horribly soiled? Hrm, didn't think so.)

NB: this poster does not condone irresponsible public dumping. Your stuff is still your problem until it has found a new home (and the curb doesn't count).

Dog Park...

I've heard that there is a non-offical off-leash dog park in the Seattle University campus on Capitol Hill. Is this true. I did a search online, and they don't list it under the known Seattle dog parks.
If anyone has any specifics of the area, meaning exact location, let me know. I just don't want to let the dog off anywhere and then get in trouble for it.

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okay so im interested in colleges up in seattle.

Cornish is one of them
and also AI of Seattle has been calling me lately

i was just wondering peoples opinions, which one seems better?
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wkl benefit at hattie's hat

tonight at hattie's hat in ballard, the westcoast kickball league will be hosting a charity even to benefit some or other food bank. i'm sorry, both sources online are being flaky as to informing me of the exact charity. anywhoo, members of wkl teams will be guest bartendering and holding a raffle for actual really cool things like a $50 sonic boom gift certificate, spa packages and more!

come on down, have a few beers, laugh at the dumbasses who call adult kickball a "sport" and support those less fortunate than yourselves.

we'll see you there 7:30-close!

Soda Ash?

Where would I find soda ash? I would like to dye some clothing and need soda ash. I'd prefer to have it tomorrow, not order it online.

Has anyone seen it in local stores? I know the chain craft stores (Micheal's, Joann's) don't carry it. Any ideas?