July 9th, 2006


Seattle-Area Wedding Venue

I'm a Seattle-area bride putting out my feelers for a great Seattle-area wedding venue. What places have you looked at? Where have you attended fabulous weddings? We're looking for a reception hall or indoor/outdoor space (no churches). We're anticipating ~150 guests. Thanks!


Comic Book Stores?

I'm looking for a good comic book store in West Seattle.
If it was near the Junction, or along the 54 route it'd be even better.

I really like Zanadu, but I need a few comics kind of soonish, and I can't get downtown for a while.

Anyone know of any?

42,380 Jobs available in King County

Puget Sound Business Journal

" The Employment Security Department said it surveyed more the 15,000 businesses, which indicated there were 81,532 unfilled jobs; up nearly 11,000 compared with a year earlier. It was the highest number of vacancies in the survey's four-year history, officials said. There are 4,802 vacancies for registered nurses, followed by 2,526 openings for cashiers.......King County accounted for 52 percent of the unfilled jobs"

So if your looking for a job be sure to check out these sites