July 8th, 2006


What is Qwest's cell network?

I can't find this answer by googling, too many sales sites.

AFAIK, there really aren't that many cell networks around here, two GSM networks run by T-mobile and Cingular, the Verizon TDMA network, Sprint, and then the legacy TDMA/CDMA networks run by the same above companies.

So, does Qwest cellular service run on it's own network or do they just re-sell one of the above? My mom dropped her cell phone in a river and I'm wondering which network to buy a used phone for.

combat boots

anybody know where i can get a nice pair of combat boots?

...and don't say ebay, 'cos i have to be able to try them on.

and sorry... i feel like i post in here too much... but i really need a new pair of boots!

Good hikes/campgrounds for kids?

With summer coming in full force, my family is looking forward to going back on hikes! We're looking for good, easy hikes to do with a toddler (meaning, we would be carrying 25lbs of child along when he doesn't want to walk). I looked on washington trail association's website, but their "kid friendly" hikes seem to be geared towards the cub scout crowd (ages 5+), and not the toddler crowd (my son is 14months). The memories didn't seem to have a hiking/camping section, and I didn't find anything under the "kids" section.

Short hikes (less than 7 miles RT), not a lot of elevation gain, and also someplace with running water (like a river or waterfalls) are all pluses. We're willing to drive a ways, but probably 3-4 hours in the car will be about the limit of my son's endurance. Good campgrounds recommendations are also needed.

Suggestions, other websites to check out, and first hand experiences greatly appreciated, thanks!