July 7th, 2006

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JDM Hell

My boyfriends birthday is next week and he's an import car guy. He wants to make his honda hatch all "jdm". I have no idea what this intails, does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can go online or in the city to get "jdm" parts for a civic hatch, or better yet, does anyone have any "jdm" parts they would like to sale.

Your help is much appreciated by me and him.
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I checked the memories section, and I did find a skydiving memories, but it didn't answer my question. Has anyone gone skydiving at Skydive Snohomish? If so, about how much does it cost? Or does anyone know of a place that is better and know the rates there?
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The Showbox

Word on the street is that the owner of the Showbox has sold the venue to make room for new high-rise condos and that he is also now fighting with the former owner of The Fenix for the space currently occupied by The Premiere. Drama drama drama.

Anyone have any more details or some solid information? My searches have been fruitless. Even if it's like, "Yes, my uncle works there and he said..." I'd still like to hear more about it.

Seafair Pirates to land near pole vault pit

Looking for something to do this Saturday?

There will be a pole vaulting competition held on Alki Beach right next to where the Seafair Pirates are landing. The pirates are landing between 11:30 and 12:30.

The first pole vault competition starts at 10:00am, with additional competitions at noon, 2:00, and 5:00.

We will have music, a free raffle and great pole vaulting action from some of the best vaulters in the NW. Come by and check it out. Every now and then we get a pirate to give it a try!

Dear seattle;

i am looking for a place to purchase used laptops.
i'd greatly prefer a "brick and mortar" solution to the obvious craigslist, ebay, and "buy a new cheap one from dell".

i am aware of PC recycle, but thy seem to specialize in laptops that are used past their prime.

-edited to add:
this is at the behest of my grandmother.
so, i need some plac i can send her and know that she isn't going to come back with a pII 200
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I'm looking for some "Peanut-Free" restaurants in the city. Anyone know of any? My friend is deathly allergic, so I thought I'd try to find a place where he could go out without worrying.
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Today I saw maybe 50 rock sculptures in Myrtle Edwards Park. Those fascinate me. Anyone have a clue who is making them? I didn’t dare “test” to see if they were permanent or not.
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Its a Style Swap party! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Summer is here, so lets have a summer-time styleswap with a picnic, clowns, ballons, facepainting and at the end have a waterballon fight!

Besure to bring some snacks, napkins, whatever you can bring to the picnic. Dont forget a wetsuit or clothes that you don't mind getting wet. Also, dont forget a towel to dry off with and clothes to trade and share!

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loud booms

What the heck is that booming (on Capitol Hill)? Is there a fireworks display tonight, or has North Korea had enough? A demolition? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I couldn't find anything on the news sites, and I can't see anything from where I am..