July 6th, 2006

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more 4th of July

Here are my pictures from the 4th of July over Lake Union. We had about a billion friends over to our place to enjoy the view. It was really nice to have the best vantage for a fireworks display possible but be perfectly comfortable in your own home. I mean seriously.. we were closer to the fireworks then the people at gasworks!

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After the fireworks show ended there was some extended merriment at my place until around 1:30am when we all started to smell smoke. We stepped out onto the balcony and saw a huge plume of black just a few blocks to the south. Well, of course we all did the logical thing - we all put on our shoes and went to investigate! Everyone was slightly-less-then-sober and we quickly broke up into small parties wandering the smokey streets. I paired up with someone named Aaron who also had a camera and we spent a good 45 minutes trying to get as close to the fire as possible and geeking out on photography. We decided we both want a mono-pod for emergency photographical situations like these. heh. In the end I didnt get anything super great from the adventure it was fun anyway.

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After I returned from the fire I found my roommate passed out on the couch and went promptly to bed myself. Apparently the fire department came by about an hour after that and tried to evacuate us but we were too crashed to hear them ringing our door bell.

I woke up this morning and the cable and internet were out and all our faucets were running brown due to low water pressure. The fire was still burning too! lake union looked like it was covered in a fog but really it was stinking smoke.

My apartment still smells smokey.

Software Training for Company

I'm trying to decide between two companies - New Horizons and Ramco - for software training for my company. Basically we have about 5-10 people who need training on the basic Microsoft products. I've looked at those two companies and would like to hear more about them especially Ramco since I already have personal experience with New Horizons. The price difference between the two companies is about $100 per class. Anyone know why?

Any help or comments regarding the companies would be greatly appreciated.

Feeling a little discouraged

Hey I am wondering if anyone knows of some Dance Studios that offer early morning classes in Seattle. I am trying to get into shape in an enjoyable manner. So far every studio that has a website that I have checked out only offer classes after 9am :( That is when I need to be at work. Thank you in advance for any ideas - Meg

old time cameras

Does anyone have any idea where we can rent/ borrow a 50s style, old looking camera for an indie film?
Flash powder too...

p.s. HI BEN SC... your striped socks from the closet made my feet warm. I know you'll read this...