July 5th, 2006


Belltown Jumper?

I was on my way to West Seattle this late afternoon (4:30-ish) and noticed fire trucks and people on one of the cranes in Belltown. From a distance it looked like a jumper but I missed the news. Does anyone know what happened?

Don't Be Stupid – A Fireworks PSA

This got mentioned in this post about fireworks law, and while it might now be slightly belated, I still figured it worth a mention of its own: Don't be a 'tard with your fireworks. Yes, they are illegal in Seattle, and in most WA cities. But so is jaywalking. We all still do that. So just a couple of suggestions.

First, get it out of your system soon. Still popping this weekend? Fine. July 20th? Every one of your neighbors hates you. If you have leftovers, just throw 'em in the basement and don't buy so much next time. New Year is just five months away.

Secondly and more imporantly, just as with jaywalking, respect other people's safety and property. (And unless you have amazing insurance or really deep pockets, your own safety & property too, I guess.) Instead of your tiny balcony or your small yard where the only place fireworks go is into or over other people's property, why not go down the block to that wide open parking lot, or to the field in the park? Just take a few extra beers to pour over any shit you ignite.

A glance at the 911 log already shows an inordinate number of car, brush, and rubbish fires for a Wednesday morning. Most of these things are minor, but they can turn big easily, and they're always an unnecessary headache for someone. So thanks in advance for not being a dumbass.
David the Gnome

Bumper Stickers

So, as an assignment for my English class, I have to bring in a bumper sticker quote that will be analyzed in class and that I'll also have to write an in-class essay on. And now that I have to look for one, I haven't seen any at all.

What are some bumper sticker quotes that you all love?

I kinda like "Stop the violins. Visualize whirled peas."
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What The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Hey slackers, what are you doing on Tuesday, July 11th? Well drop it, because you're coming to this. The best anti-film festival the world has ever seen. The 'What The Hell Did I Just Watch?' Comedy Video Festival at the Rendezvous. What's an anti-film fest you ask? It a collection of movies and videos that are actually funny. You remember funny, right? It's where you laugh, and not out of politeness. So forget movies with long dull shots of puddles, diatribes about deep seated emotional scarring, or the beauties of the mother-daughter bond. Funny. Really funny. Like 'What the hell did I just watch' funny. Be there...slacker.

$5 at the door. Two shows- one at 7:30 and the next at 8:45. The audience will vote for their favorite video, which will get the golden uber awesome best of the festival award, and free entry into the next fest.

We're happy to announce that the great kick-ass people over at Mac and Jack's will be providing us with a little somethin' somethin' to quench our thirst for the opening festival. Beer! Sign up now to attend and get your drink tickets... so you can get your drink on!

selling used cd's/books/clothing

so, i looked in memories, and didn't find anything about this. i apologize if i missed something.

anyway, i'm moving to a much smaller space soon, and i have a lot of stuff i need to get rid of. mostly clothes, cd's, and books. so, i was just wondering if anyone knows what stores would pay the most for my stuff. and help would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

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Well, gentle Reader, I was going to enjoy the fireworks at Gasworks Park last night. But suddenly, my Editor called me and said that there was a breaking story I had to cover. Apparently the Muckleshoot tribe were looking to segragate themselves from the Wulshootseed tribe regarding the reliance on American laws on dealer hitting on 16.

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