July 3rd, 2006

Fremont Zombie #2

Call for Zombies at Shaun of the Dead Screening

Date: Saturday, July 22, 2006

Meet: @ the Troll under the Aurora Bridge 7:30ish if you want to join the Zombies en mass on their way to the movie screening parking lot.

(Contact CleoZombie if you would like help with makeup and get ready with a group of "Shaun of the Dead" attendees. This will most likely take place at her house in Fremont. Please introduce yourself and give contact information by July 8th especially if you need makeup or want to be made up..... :)

Time: arrival at the lot @ 8:00-8:30 ish
Film begins when it gets dark @ 9:15 or so.....

End Location: Fremont Outdoor Cinema
Phinney and 35th Seattle, WA
More Info: fremontoutdoormovies.com

The Fremont Outdoor Movie Theater is showing my personal inspiration for Zombie Walk.......Shaun of the Dead in July. It's a wickedly funny spoof film. The coordinators of F.O.M.T asked me to invite all the Zombie freaks I know. (There is alot of milling space) This is the call. So......Rise up you undead brethren! Get on your Zombie get-up, take a bus, and come on down!

$5.00 admission.
* You may want to bring something to sit on (other than asphalt) and a picnic meal (so you are not tempted to eat the children).

For more info check:

{HP} Hermione

Need a job?

Looking to put Microsoft on your resume?

My vendor team is hiring a fifth full-time team member to help out through end of August, and part-time after that (though it's up to you whether you stay through the end of the contract). We’re looking for someone with plenty of Photoshop experience, who isn’t daunted by HTML or web publishing in general (in fact, I personally would prefer someone who dreams in source code and HTML tags and who has a great distaste for all things created by a rich text editor), who learns quickly, and who has a good sense of writing for the web and an eye for detail. Web design & development snobbery is a plus.

Our major duties include early morning rounds of web publishing to a corporate audience (with lots of regular site updates to two major internal MS sites on the side), so early birds are preferred (but don't worry, we've got carafs of coffee regularly hanging about the office). We're a really fun team, and knowing your Adult Swim or obscure movie references will definitely help you fit in. ;)

If you are interested, e-mail me at illgoest(@)livejournal(.)com and I'll fill you in on more details and help you pass your resume to the right people.

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Okay, so, important question:

No doubt someone has convinced someone that a bottle rocket will cause another 1889 and so they're now banned in Seattle.

Is this ban enforced like "no lap dances", like "no recyclables in general waste", or is it more of a "no smoking within 25 feet of a door" or possibly a "no online gambling" style enforcement?


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Anyone know more about the "bitch fight" at the Central Library today? I walked by when it was coming to an end, and now I'm freakishly curious about what exactly went on.

Do tell! My gossip queen ears are dying to know!

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