July 2nd, 2006


Social Distortion tickets

Does anyone want 2 tickets to Social Distortion on July 7? I posted on Windows Live Expo and Craigslist on Friday but no responses so far. We need to sell the tickets by Monday night since my SO and I are leaving for around a week on Tuesday. At this point the best offer is $0 so there is some real opportunity if you like SD or know someone who does.
Contact: ratha@ratha.net

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Vancouver Entry

If my boyfriend and I want to go to Canada, and he has a Social Security card and a Driver's Lisence, is that enough to get us over the border?

(Note: The websites I found weren't clear. Thank you for not snarking.)


I just got back from a one-night backpacking trip to Melakwa Lake (via Denny Creek Trail), my first backpacking trip in this state. It was great (aside from originally being told I was going on a "2 mile in, easy hike" and then carrying 5 pounds more than planned as the person who was going to carry the tent bailed), and has me wanting more!

What are your favorite one or two day backpacking trips in the area? Why did you like them so much? What kind of group did you go with, if any?

No more than 20 miles, round trip.
No more than an average 600ft per mile elevation gain.
You liked it!

(I really want to do the Kendall Katwalk and the Cooper Ridge Loop, but I need a little more/better gear and more training for that!)
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Trying to find straight, honest, information...

Does anyone know what 24 hour fitness charges?

Nothing but time-outs on their website, and since I'm working nights - when I stop in, it's some non-english speaking front desk person who says dunno and 'salesperson can call you' during the day.

I've been a member in the past - so I know the club and equipment near my home are ok. I just want the !@#$ $$$ price listing!

(grumble grumble)

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